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Review of Good Pair Days: How to Get Delicious Wine at a Discount

Review of Good Pair Days: How to Get Delicious Wine at a Discount

How to Get Discounted Wine Tailored to Your Tastes

Have you ever been in the store, looking at wines and completely bamboozled about what to get? This is where Good Pair Days can help.

Instead of selecting at random and hoping for the best, you get a personalised experience. With Good Pair Days, it’s all about you, discounted wine and enjoying life.

And right now, they they have an amazing bonus offer of a cheeseboard esky worth $100! Strictly for a limited time here.

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How Does Good Pair Days Work?

The first step is to do the fun little quiz on the Good Pair Days website to uncover your unique taste profile. They’ll recommend the best wines, sourced from all over the world, to suit your palate, preferences and budget.

It’s free to join and your wine plus tasting notes and recipes are shipped directly to you. Bottles start at $14 which is a bargain for good wine. You can cancel, pause or change your box size whenever you like.

As you enjoy your wines, be sure to rate your wines for better recommendations from Good Pair Days world-class wine team. Collect reward points f

If you really want to take your wine knowledge up a notcher, you can do their free wine course and collect points & rewards for exploring new wines.

Good Pair Days are offering an incredible welcome gift worth $100, along with their already discounted wine. Here are our thoughts on Good Pair Days and tips to make wine cheaper for you.

What if I Don’t Like My Wine?

Trying new things can feel a little risky which is why Good Pair Days offers to add a free bottle to your next box. No questions asked if you don’t like a wine you had. Stores don’t do that, do they?

How to Save Money on Wine

If all the social media posts and jokes about mums and wine are anything to go by, people are drinking a lot of it. Since it’s generally not cheap, here are some tips to save on wine.

Read the Labels and Reviews

We all have different tastes but once you get to know what you like, it becomes easier. Read the labels instead of simply picking based on pretty labels. Yes, I used to select wine based on whether I liked the label or not.

Store Wine Correctly

Keeping it in a hot environment is a fast way to ruin your wine. Find out how the specific wine you have needs to be kept because it will determine the longevity of the wine.

This can be the difference between enjoying a lovely glass of wine you cellared for a while or completely ruining a bottle you were saving for a special occasion.

If you are gifted wine, be sure to check how to store it. I’ve heard horror stories of people not realising the value of the specific wine they were gifted and ruining it because they left it in the pantry or car.

Plan Ahead

Running down to the local bottle shop is probably the most expensive way to get wine. Plan ahead instead. Know when you want wine or need it as a gift and have it on hand.

This is where buying in bulk or online comes in handy. If you always have a selection on hand, you’ll never pay full price and you have a gift for most occasions.

Know How to Use Leftover Wine

Red wine can go into stews, bolognese, casseroles and other dishes. White is great in risotto, soup or made into a sauce. Flat champagne with garlic can be a delicious salad dressing.

Get creative and learn ways to use it so nothing goes to waste.

Buy It Differently

Most people pick up whatever they want to drink at the bottle shop closest to them or attached to the supermarket. This isn’t always the cheapest option. Many online options such as Good Pair Days work out significantly cheaper than buying in store.

Get Your Bonus Offer and Start Saving

Expand your wine world with Good Pair Days. Find tasting notes, food pairings and custom recipes included with every bottle, just what you need.

Rate how much you loved them in our interactive app, then uncover your next personalised wine adventures each month! 

Get a FREE $100 welcome pack with your first monthly box of Good Pair Days.

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