How to get a luxury mattress for a budget price plus $100 discount code! (Review of iGravity) #Sponsored

We spend 1/3 of our lives on our mattress (or at least we are supposed to get 8 hours of sleep a night!), it’s important we have a good quality mattress, but what if you don’t have thousands to spend on one? 

Disclaimer – I was sent an iGravity mattress to try. All opinions are my own, plus you get a $100 discount code! I have had sleeping issues my entire life, plus back issues with a slipped disc and my partner has old sports injuries. We have never slept so soundly. I have had the mattress for a few months now and am comfortable recommending it. Here are my thoughts, plus tips for a good night sleep.

I have had expensive chiropractic mattresses, firm ones designed for those with back issues and others in between. When we moved to Melbourne, the apartment was furnished, which included the most awful mattress I have ever slept on in my life. We put up with it for a while, but we couldn’t sleep, our bodies ached and we needed to do something. We tried mattress toppers but they didn’t help much.

I have specific requirements:
– Support: I have a slipped disc, disc degeneration and spent most of 2015 paralysed. I NEED support for my back.
– Hypoallergenic: we discovered I have a few allergies, so need items that reduce the exposure to them.
– Thick: I dislike low beds and thin mattresses. With my back issues, I need to be able to get in and out easily.
– Affordable: I didn’t have $5k or $2k to drop on a mattress, but I couldn’t stick with the cheap options.
– Reputation: I wanted a mattress that came from a brand I knew I could trust, that if I didn’t like it for whatever reason, I knew it would be easy to deal with the company and that it would last.

I originally looked at one of those mattresses that comes in a box where their ads have the wine glass on them that doesn’t spill. Upon more research, it was clear they weren’t a good option.

Last year, we got an iGravity mattress from BedsOnline. It ticked all the boxes, is only $999 and if you use the code KYLIE100 you get $100 off!

The first night we laid on our mattress it was like heaven. Our bodies felt supported but also like we were wrapped in a cloud. It was perfect!

In the pictures, you can see we had to put our iGravity mattress on top of the old one because it is a furnished apartment and the landlord is overseas so there was nowhere for the current bed to go. We are planning on moving and will have our own bed then.

Within a month of having the iGravity mattress, we went on an overseas trip. During this trip we stayed in mostly 4 and 5 star hotels. I cannot remember a mattress that compared to ours. In fact, some were downright awful.

I have been recommending this mattress to everyone purely because we sleep so soundly on it, I don’t have back pain anymore and it is so affordable.

A few other benefits include:
– 15-year warranty
– 101 day trial period
– Delivery Australia wide
– Multiple layers designed for optimum comfort plus a ventilated mesh layer

Overall, the iGravity is a mattress I’d recommend to everyone. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture, we can’t function properly if we aren’t sleeping well, so why wouldn’t you invest in a good mattress? Plus for an extra $300 you can get a matching base.

Sleep tips
1.) Get the right mattress – I have harped on about this a little in this article, but it is crucial to a good nights sleep.
2.) Leave electronics out of the bedroom – if you must have them in there, switch the lights off, turn phones onto plane mode or do not disturb mode and limit the exposure to them before sleep. We do have a TV in ours, which I hate, but I am in a relationship and he wants it in there.
3.) Light – a completely black room is the best to sleep in. If you can’t have a completely darkened room, get a sleep mask.
4.) Temperature – a room that is too hot or too cold will make it difficult to sleep. The ideal temperature is 18.5C, according to science.
5.) Ventilation – make sure your room gets aired regularly. Change your sheets often, wash linen, replace when needed etc.
6.) Create an oasis – I have a bedspread I love, minimal pillows, a few essentials, but other than that my bedroom is a clear space for us to walk in and relax. I also aim to not work in my bedroom. This way my subconscious isn’t priming for work when I should be going to sleep.

What are your sleep tips? Don’t forget to use the code KYLIE100 if you order an iGravity mattress to save $100!

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