Frugal fashion makeover – shave your clothes!

Are your clothes pilling? Little balls of fluff slowly taking over your wardrobe? Fight back with an old razor and turn your clothes back into the sharp looking pieces that your bought.

First, gather your materials.
An old razor.
A lint roller (or sticky tape).
The clothes in question.Frugal fashion makeover - shave your clothes
Gently run the old razor over the material to life the pills off the clothes. Use lots of short little strokes and your should end up with fluff on the ends. Use your lint roller or some sticky tape to remove the fluff and you will reveal your clothes looking fabulously brand new again!
The fantastic thing about shaving your clothes is that you can buy clothes that are a little cheaper to save you money. As long as you keep your clothes looking sharp you’ll continue to look deceptively expensive.
And it also gives new life to old (and costly) razors. Win-win.

Frugal fashion makeover - from sloppy to sharp with a shave

What other methods do you have to keep your clothes looking fresh?

Written by Jac Lambert. Check out more fashion, makeup and style tips on her Facebook page.

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