Free and cheap July School holiday activities #Sponsored

What do you do during the winter school holidays?

This post contains a paid link for an attraction my daughters and I have been to.

July school holidays can be hard. It’s cold, likely to rain, harder for kids to play outside and they go stir crazy being cooped up all the time. So what can you do?

For me, the trick is to have a combination of options. My kids spend some time in school holiday programs and some time with me. We have a list of things to do at home, free things to do in our area and they get to pick something I’ll pay for. Here are some ideas:

Free fun at home

Get a jar and some strips of paper. Have your kids write down things they like to do at home to keep themselves entertained or for you to do with them. A few ideas are:
– Play Lego
– Dress ups
– Bake muffins, cakes or cookies which you can freeze for school lunches
– Read books
– Build forts or cubby houses
– Puzzles or board games
– Science experiments (Pinterest has some great ideas for this)
– Give their room a makeover e.g. create posters, a vision board, a sign for their door etc.
– Art and crafts

Let them write it all down, then put the strips of paper in the jar. During the holidays, whenever they are bored, get them to pick something from the jar. Alternatively, simply write a list and stick on the fridge for them to reference.

Free fun in your area

Living in Melbourne means there are always festivals and activities on for free. Check your local school holiday guides, visit your library and your local tourism website to see what’s happening in your area.

Libraries usually have loads of activities. In our area, there is everything from reading books to magic shows and robotics! Some you need to book in for, but it’s all free.

Pay for something

Each school holidays my kids get to pick something fun they want to do which costs money. Ice skating, the movies, bowling, something along those lines. Often during the holidays, there is something more fun on such as a special theatre show or the circus! Right now, in Victoria, Silvers Circus is touring. We went the other night and my kids loved the variety of acts. Their favourite was the Globe of Death and the hula hoop.

Currently, they are at Westfield Southland from Wednesday 27th June to Sunday 22nd July 2018
and Ferntree Gully Hotel from Wednesday 25th July to Sunday 12th August 2018. You can find out more here.

Get family passes

Find attractions you enjoy going to such as the museum, zoo or other places you could go over and over as a family. Buy a family pass and go as often as you want. We’ve regularly done this everywhere we lived as it provided the best value for money and also meant we always had something to do. The museum has been a strong favourite with my kids since they were little.

Get outside

It might be winter but that doesn’t mean every day is going to be rainy or gloomy. Write down a list of fun, free things to do outside. Also, so what if it’s raining? Get raincoats, umbrellas and gumboots then run and jump in puddles. My daughters love playing in the rain. As long as you set a time limit, then get inside after and warm up quickly it’s fine.

Some ideas for outdoor activities:
– The local park
– Rollerblading, rollerskating or bike riding
– Hopscotch
– A treasure or scavenger hunt
– Hide and go seek
– Meet up with friends somewhere kids can play
– Do a photography walk. Take a camera, walk around the area and let your kids take pictures of whatever they want.

What are you doing this school holidays?

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