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Fast money challenge – how to get money fast

Do you need more money fast?

Along with our post on 10 ways to make $1,000 in a month plus our 6 month no spend challenge we are throwing in a fast money challenge. How much money can we make in 10 days?

How to get money fast - 10 day money making challenge (1)

Here is what we will be doing to make money fast, I’ll provide a final total after we complete it.

1. Check Unclaimed Money

Superannuation is the first one people think of when checking for unclaimed money, it is not the only unclaimed money you can have.

Check your superannuation, consolidate it and review how it is doing, plus consider doing a co-contribution to boost it.

– Check your wallet and paperwork for any Medicare receipts or health insurance receipts then process them.

– Use a service like your state’s revenue office to check for unclaimed money.

I did a quick search for unclaimed money through each state instead of just the one and discovered I had $200 sitting there from my lawyer a few years back I was unaware of which didn’t show up in the ‘Australia wide” search.

I made the claim, filled in the forms and sent it off.

2. Sell Anything You Can

Go through every room in the house, remove anything not in use and sell it.

We have clothing, toys and some kitchen items.

We only moved here in December so don’t have a huge assortment of things to get rid of. Every bit helps though!

List it on eBay, Gumtree or buy/sell/swap sites. Check out ways to sell your stuff or space here.

3. Utilise Gift Cards

How many gift cards do you have lying around?

How many reward programs are you signed up to with points waiting to be cashed in?

How many online surveys have you done which could be cashed in?

Check everything, use the gift cards that are ones you will use, sell the others and cash in your survey points.

If you are looking for survey sites to try, check out our recommendations here.

4. Bank Sign Up Bonuses

ING are offering $100 for a limited time with a few steps, as mentioned above.

They had a sign up bonus at the time I joined over a decade ago and they’ve been great since.

You can easily do banking at the post office, have ATM fees waived and other bonuses at times.

Up Bank offers $8 instantly.

There will be more I do to make money in a fast money challenge over 10 days, this is the starting point and 4 things I thought you might be able to do too.

Have you done any of these to get money fast?

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Jeff Proctor

Monday 8th of August 2016

Great advice! I definitely hadn't thought of checking for any unclaimed money that is owed to you. I might need to add that to my list of projects to do for next weekend :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.