DIY Prince Charming Costume

DIY Prince Charming Costume


Over the summer, I had a good friend give me a Cinderella princess dress from the Disney store for my daughter. It is absolutely gorgeous and glittery. She had ordered one for her granddaughter, and they accidentally sent her two. She called them, and they told her to keep it. I’m so grateful for the designer Disney gear, and now my little girl is all set for Halloween.

My kids are still little enough for me to dress as I please, so my son is going to be Prince Charming. I didn’t have a costume, and I wasn’t about to spend $50 on one. So I got a little creative, and a little flexible, and made one. The total cost was under $15 USD.

Shirt & Pants

I didn’t make the entire thing from scratch. I used to have a sewing machine, but I broke it. Beyond mending skills, my sewing is rudimentary. So I used a white dress shirt that we already had and bought some shiny red gym pants at a thrift store for $2.

Shoulder Pads

For the shoulders, I went out and bought foam shoulder pads. I also got gold tassels, shiny red material, and a gold/white decorative rope, all for under $11 after using coupons at my local fabric store.

DIY Prince Charming Costume Steps

1. These are shoulder pads. 

I took my material, draped it over the shoulder pads, pulled it tight (it was stretchy,) and traced the shape on the backside. For the bottom, I split the material down the middle to fit tighter against the curve.

2. Cut.

I cut them out and then pinned together.

3.  Sew.

I sewed the two smaller pieces together and then pinned to the larger piece, sewing together all but the longest end. I used a basic running stitch throughout steps 4 and 5.

4.  Insert and close.

I flipped the material so the proper side was showing, folded the material in on itself, pinned and sewed shut.

5.  Adjust.

The material was still a little loose, so I pulled it taut over the high end of the shoulder pad, folding and pinning. I made three stitches periodically across, never going the entire way through. Once I got to the pad itself, I brought the needle back.

6. Pretty.

This is what it looks like when you’ve gotten this far. The hardest part is over!

7.  Attach tassels.

I pinned the tassels across the edge of each shoulder pad. I then made single stitches about 1 cm apart so they’re nearly invisible, but still hold them on. It’s very important to get a stitch on the very end of either side, as the tassels will unravel if you do not.

8. Attach entire pad to shirt.

I pinned the pad to the shirt, pinning at the top centre of the pad, and the middle centre. The middle centre should come just to where the sleeve meets the body of the shirt. I made about eight stitches over each other at the location of each pin. I pierced the pad, but never the top layer of fabric.  I then pinned down the two corners of either end of the shoulder pad, pinning one to the back and one to the front of the shirt, stitching in the same manner. Repeat for the other shoulder.

The Rope

I took the end of the rope to one shoulder under the pad and pulled the other to the opposite shoulder in the same location. When I was happy with the length/drape, I cut the rope accordingly, and stitched both ends about 20 times, stitching alternatively through the centre of and around the rope.

Shoes and Accessories

We have a pair of black dress shoes for this child, so we are already set on that front. If you do not, check out your local op shop. My husband wants to give him a play sword, but I don’t know if that’s such a great idea. He’s at a stage where he swings at anything and everything, including my darling Cinderella.

What do your kids like to dress up as?
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