DIY Pirate Treasure Chest

I have a preschooler and its certainly the age of princesses and pirates in this house and everyone we visit so when we were invited to a friends party Little Miss said she wanted to give him a pirate chest. Here is the quick and cheap one we made for him the day before the party.

What you need:
Toy coins
Paper and pens

DIY Pirate Treasure Chest step 1

We started with a brown gift box that had been given to us at one point. I carefully took the ribbon off and just re positioned it to give the box more of a chest look.

DIY Pirate Treasure Chest, Step 2

Then on a bit of gold paper we drew the lock and stuck it on the box.

Next I sewed a little coin bag from some skull fabric and put the toy coins inside. I also sewed a pirate bandanna by just hemming a square piece of fabric.

DIY Pirate Treasure Chest Loot

Our treasure map is fabric because being a sewer I have a bunch of different types of pirate style options in my cupboard. I wouldn’t have gone an purchased it just for this. I cut out the map from the fabric then backed with with spiderwebs. I sewed the 2 with a simple straight stitch and used my pinking shears on the edge to stop it fraying. If I didn’t have the fabric I would have printed a map and laminated it for durability.

DIY Pirate Treasure Chest

It was fun and easy to make and I could see myself getting very carried away with telescopes and hook hands if I made one again.

What else could go in for your pirate?

Article by Rachael Puric

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