DIY Lego Art

Lego is a family favourite in our home and now the Lego Movie is as well. My husband took the kids to see it and ever since I’ve been hearing the song ‘everything is awesome’ and if my son likes it chances are his friends do too so when we got another party invite I decided to make the present around this song. I made this Lego print and frame.


What you need:
‘Everything Is Awesome’ print (available here¬†with Emmet or Wyldstlye in different colours)
Spray paint (optional)

DIY Lego art and frame - great gift idea

Depending on the colour of your frame and if you are happy with it you may not need to do this step. I got my frame from the $2 shop and the only option was white which is fine but I wanted this to be a bright Lego themed frame so I got some green spray paint and gave the frame a few quick coats.

DIY Lego art and frame - great gift idea

If you do wish to paint your frame here are a few tips.
1 – lightly sand the painted frame to give the spray paint something to hold to. Wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry before painting
2 – spray a few light coats rather than one thick coat
3 – allow to dry properly before doing anything else to it. Paint needs to cure and harden, even though it’s dry it will still chip or scratch easily until it’s cured. The can should tell you how long to wait.
4 – if you are concerned about over spray get a large card board box and stand it on one end, place your frame inside and spray in there.

DIY Lego frame - gift idea

Once your frame is ready get assorted pieces of Lego and play around with them until you get a design you like then super glue the pieces in place. I had a box frame so that I could glue this Lego man inside the frame and hopefully have him looking like he is holding on.

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Lastly print the Everything is Awesome print and place it in the frame. Hang on a wall, place on a table or gift it to a friend.

DIY Lego art and frame - great gift idea

What movies are your little ones undying fans of? You could adapt this project to any theme by making or finding the print.

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Written by Rachael

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