DIY Flower Girl Gifts

DIY Flower Girl Gift

With wedding season’s arrival, I thought it would be fun to share one of the craftier things I did for my wedding.  I didn’t DIY a whole lot, but one thing I really wanted to make was the flower girl’s gift.  It’s a bundle of flower petals from the big day that she can keep forever, stored in her jewellery box, dresser drawer, or wherever she will.  It’s a very unique and personal reminder of that special day and the part she served in it.

Things You’ll Need

  • Dried flower petals. (I allowed my bouquet to dry and then used those petals in this project.  If you are preserving your bouquet, you could also use the petals she literally threw down the aisle.  Just remember to have someone collect them before they get cleaned up!)
  • Gauze fabric. (I used white, but feel free to use whichever color you like.)
  • Ribbon.
  • Scissors.

Supplies for DIY flower girl gift


First, prepare the gauze.  Cut it into a square, around 18 cm by 18 cm.

Then, pile the petals onto the gauze.  I tried this step a couple of times.  At first, I left the rose petals whole.  That worked, but didn’t quite have the look I wanted.  So I ripped them into smaller pieces.  I had the blue petals from the hydrangea down in one layer, and then the rose petals.  When I went to the next step, all I could see was the blue with none of the white rose petals showing.  So I went back and distributed them equally.  Mess around with it.  Every color and flower combination is going to be different.

Petals for DIY Flower Girl Gift

Now bundle it up.  Pull the corners of the gauze together and gather at the top of the flower petals.  Use the ribbon to secure the bundle, tying tightly with a square knot.  (You may need an extra pair of  hands for this step.  I had a hard time holding the gauze and tying the ribbon simultaneously.)

Make it pretty.  Now that you have your bundle secured, you can make the ribbon pretty.  Tie it in a bow on top of that square knot.  Fold the end of the ribbon in half lengthwise, and cut at a forty five degree angle from the fold to the outer edges.  Repeat on the other side.  That will give you the “V” look at the ends.  If there’s too much gauze at the top, you can either add more petals and rebundle, or trim the gauze down.

DIY Flower Girl Gift petal bundle

What gifts did you do for your wedding? 

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