DIY Fathers Day Trophy

Fathers Day is only a few weeks away so now is a great time to start getting the kids to make a few presents. This year my husband is getting a couple of ‘Best Dad’ trophies. The kids had such a good time making them and they don’t cost much at all.

What you need:
Plastic Trophy
Super Glue
Permanent Marker

DIY Fathers day trophy step 1

Start by taping off the ‘plaque’ section on the canvas. This can be as big or small as you want. We were using mini square canvas’ so only one small line of tape was enough.

DIY Fathers Day Trophy step 2

Next let the kids go crazy painting. My 6yr old wanted to draw around the trophy so he would know where not to paint. My 3 year old on the other hand just wanted more paint.

Painted Canvas for DIY Fathers Day Trophy

DIY Fathers Day Trophy step 4

Once they are painted let them dry before pulling off the tape.


Glue the trophy in place and fill in the details on your plaque. Outline the plaque so that it stands out from the painting.

DIY Fathers Day Trophy

Write what ever message you like “#1 Dad” or “Worlds Greatest Tickler” or “Best Dad in the World!”

All up these 2 trophy’s cost me $3 and I still have supplies to make 2 more if I wanted.

What gifts do you make for Fathers Day?

Written by Rachael Puric
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