DIY Family Fun Night Tin

Family fun night tin

Each Monday night we set aside time to do something as a family. The kids love it and ask for Family Night each night. Most weeks my husband or I plan something and have it ready to go but some weeks are just a little more crazy than others so my daughter and I made a Family Night Fun tin filled with quick and easy activities we can do with no preparation.

You will need:
Stickers (Optional)

We used a wafer stick tin as its big enough for everyone to get their hand inside and the lid comes off easily enough for the kids but secure enough so that nothing falls out.

DIY Family Fun Night Tin or Family Home Evening step 1

Start by cutting your paper to be the size of your tin. With our tin I cut to to fit just below the bump of the lid.

DIY Family Fun Night step 2

Line the paper up with the bottom edge of the tin and tape along one side to get a night snug fit. Glue the other edge and wrap the paper tightly around until it over laps the start point.

Lid of the DIY Family Fun Night Tin

Cut a circle of paper the size of the lid (ours is a bit wonky since my daughter cut it) and glue it on. We left the sides paperless as its going to be used regularly and the paper will wear. Since the tin was green to start with we just picked a paper that had green on it so it matches.

DIY Family Fun Night or Family Home Evening Tin

Decorate with stickers or pens or whatever your heart desires then fill with activity ideas.

Some of our activities include charades, soccer, cooking cookies to give away, writing letters, writing in our journals and going for a bike ride.

What family fun night activities do you have?

Written by Rachael Puric

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