DIY Chocolate Bouquet

Have you ever seen the chocolate bouquet pots and thought they looked wonderful but didn’t want to pay the advertised price? Well for the cost of the chocolates and a few things most people have at home you can create your own.

What you need:
Styrofoam ball
Tissue paper
Bucket or jar

DIY Chocolate Bouquet step 1

Start by taping all the chocolate wrapper flaps down on huge long side and top edge. This create the tube for you to put the skewers in.

Next place the skewers blunt end first into the tube.

Have your bucket or jar ready with the foam ball or florist foam. Take a square of tissue paper and poke it in the centre then skewer your ball. The tissue paper will help hide the ball and give your bouquet some more depth.

DIY Chocolate Bouquets Step 2

Use all your skewers and then fluff up the tissue paper and you are all done! Ones this size can go for $30 or more and this one cost under $5.

DIY Chocolate Bouquet

TIPS: If you are using a glass jar and don’t want to see through it place some coloured paper inside the jar. You could also use a couple of Styrofoam cups upside down to stick into. Just make sure that your sticks are a little shorter or use lighter chocolates so it doesn’t tear.

What would you put in your chocolate bouquet?
Posted by Rachael Puric

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