DIY cardboard coffin for Halloween or any spooky party

Each year our family heads to a trunk or treat for Halloween. Last time we went our trunk was a little lacking in the Halloween spirit so this year we are trying a little harder by making our own decorations. We looked in the stores but found the selection here in Australia very lacking. One thing we made which was quick, easy and cheap was a cardboard coffin to prop in the corner.

You will need:
Cereal box
Permanent marker

Start by opening up the cereal box and drawing a coffin shape on one side. Make sure to add a tab to the top and bottom so you can join the coffin easily. Cut it out and use it as a template to cut the second shape in a mirror image (just in case your measurements are off or you freehanded it like we did)

Base of DIY Cardboard Coffin

Tape the tabs together and measure the length of the side. From the side sections of your box cut a piece of card the length needed. Make a fold where the corner point will be to make it easier to attach.

Add sides to your DIY Cardboard Coffin

Tape both the side sections on. I recommend packing tape as its wider. Add whatever details you want to the coffin. We went with R.I.P as we had no tombstone but you could add a wood look, nail marks or my husband suggested cutting a slit in the front and having one of our daughter dolls trying to escape from within.

Finished DIY Cardboard Coffin

How do you decorate for Halloween? Do you celebrate it? 

Post by Rachael Puric

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