Disney Frozen inspired picture frame

A while ago I showed you how to make a Lego themed and it was mentioned that a Frozen one would look great too. With that in mind I decided to make one for the party we are going to this weekend. It was easier than the Lego frame as I didn’t paint this one.

DIY Frozen inspired frame

What you need:
Frozen Printable (Available in dark or light versions)
PVA Glue
Spray varnish (Optional)

Print out the picture. I used BIG W and it was done in minutes.

Frozen inspired frame step 1

Take the glass out of your frame or if you cant, tape paper over the glass so you don’t have a glue accident. Put glue along the frame in whatever design you want. I went with simple and just narrowed it towards the ends in 2 corners. If I had a wider frame I’d be tempted to make a partial snowflake shape. I smear the glue with my finger to get an even covering and so its not raised. Raised areas will take longer to dry.

Frozen inspired frame DIY step 2

Add a generous amount of glitter all over the glue areas and allow to dry for 10min before knocking off any excess. If you want to add a coat of spray varnish to help hold the glitter on do that before you add the glass or remove the paper. I always work within a tray or dish when using glitter to make clean up easier.

Frozen inspired DIY frame

Insert the glass and picture in, then admire your handiwork.

* The glitter is a mix of white and blue. I used maybe 1:4 ratio of blue to white.
Written by Rachael

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