How to create the perfect home office at Officeworks for under $500 #Sponsored

This is a sponsored post from Officeworks. A $500 gift card was provided for me to select specific items for my home office. Opinions are my own.

My home office has been in dire need of a makeover for some time. For starters, I didn’t have a desk chair (long story), but also didn’t have a stand-up desk. Instead, I used my partners when he was out and my workspace became the dumping ground for anything and everything.

The other week, I went to Officeworks with a $500 gift card provided by them and got things which have been on my list for some time to create the workspace I need to achieve all my business goals. I am a practical person in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment. We have two kids and have managed to squeeze two workspaces in. So my new workspace isn’t ‘pretty’, it is practical and very much me.

I love everything I have now, am getting way more done in my day.

Here is what I changed and what I recommend for setting up a great home office on a budget.

1.) Stand up desk – $129

Specifically, I got the Wynston Sit Stand Small Desk which has been a life changer. I have back issues and find sitting for long periods is not good for my back. This means at times I rigged a stand-up desk using books on my kitchen bench or the ironing board. I got creative and worked anywhere.

Now, I have the perfect stand up desk which I can adjust to suit me. Stand up desks save you time and money by protecting your health.

2.) The Bathurst Racer Chair – $148

Most of our apartment is black and white, so to have a chair that matches is pretty cool. I tested out all the chairs and settled on this one for a few reasons:

  • Colour (it also comes in straight black, black and red or black and blue).
  • Comfort. It supports my back, is completely adjustable and the most comfortable chair I sat in.
  • Adjustable arms. The arms can be pushed up out of the way should I want them to. With some of my more creative endeavours, I prefer no arms on my chair so it’s ideal to have a chair I can move them with.
  • Affordable. I looked at numerous chairs and this one was under $150 plus ticked all the boxes.

3.) 24 pack of Electro Pop Sharpies – $19.98

I am a Sharpie fanatic. They form a core part of my success. I use them to plan, to label everything, write my goals on my mirror and to write our affirmations or quotes on my mirror. I have also been known to use my shower screens as whiteboards for planning sessions, then once it was all worked out, writing my plan in permanent marker. (Permanent marker comes off glass and mirrors easily with baby wipes or window cleaner).

Yes, my entire house becomes my office! I love these Sharpies because the array of colours means I can have specific colours for specific goals or projects. It’s easy for me to see at a glance where I am at and what I am working on.

I have used cheap permanent markers before and always regret it. Sharpies are far superior and save you money in the long run. Plus this pack of 24 for under $20 is pretty cheap.  

4.) J.Burrows wireless keyboard and mouse combo – $18

Honestly, this along with a separate monitor I used to think was unnecessary and something people had to show off. Now I have one I love it. It’s an affordable way to increase the ways I can work.

5.) Toshiba 3TB portable hard drive – $139

We do backup to the cloud, but I also like to have a hard copy of important files, photos, documents etc. I originally bought a 1TB thinking I wouldn’t fill it. I was wrong! It is incredible how much I need saved for the projects I am working on. This one is small, light, durable and affordable. It slips into my handbag easily so I can take it with me when I travel, go to meetings or anything else. Small items like this are a must for my office.

6.) J.Burrows A4 2 ring lever arch folder – $1.49

Instead of scraps of paper with notes scrawled on them, pieces of magazines ripped out and other random things I think I want to blog about being scattered across my desk, blog ideas are now all neatly contained in the one folder. When I get time, I sit down and go through this folder drafting blog posts inspired by these notes and snippets to be published at a later date.

Getting organised with binders saves time and money because you know where everything is and when things come in you can sort it out immediately instead of wasting time later looking for it or moving the papers around.

7.) Emtec 16GB USB drive, 3 pack – $15

As a speaker, I need a usb drive of my presentation whenever I speak. I speak on a few topics so have these colour coded ones to cover different topics such as finance, marketing and charity work. It saves me a lot of time having them there ready to go and knowing which colour is which. While I always send through my presentation ahead of time, a backup on USB is requested and these are perfect. All up I spent less than $500 getting the necessary things for my office revamp, which is fantastic.

While there, I topped up on a few other essentials such as batteries, ink for our Epson printer which we bought from Officeworks last year, paper and my partners favourite pens.

Setting the budget of $500 to get all my essentials not only enabled me to get everything I need for a great price, it saw me clean my desk properly, put my calendar up on the wall, along with my goals and other important notes to ensure I work efficiently and remain motivated.

What are the essentials you want for your home office?

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