Coconut Chicken Schnitzel – Gluten Free!

This version of chicken schnitzel has a slightly tropical flavour through the use of coconut, which also makes this chicken schnitzel gluten free. Instead of being dry like traditional schnitzel, the coconut version is soft and moist. The schnitzel is also featured in the eBook 26 Ingredients (only $4.95!).



500g chicken breast

1 egg, whisked

¾ cup desiccated coconut

2 Tablespoons oil


½ and iceberg lettuce, shredded

1 carrot, grated

60grams of cheddar cheese, thinly sliced

4 – 5 large slices of tinned beetroot


  Slice the chicken breast into 2cm wide strips.
–  Preheat a frying pan to medium heat.
–  Place the whisked egg in one bowl and the desiccated coconut in another bowl.
–  Dip the chicken breast in the egg to coat it then dip the coated chicken in the coconut to cover it.
– Place the oil in the frying pan.
– Place the chicken strips in the frying pan side by side.
– Cook the chicken for 7 – 10minutes then turn to cook the other side. Each side should be golden brown.


Place the lettuce, carrot and cheese in a bowl.  Slice the beetroot into thin strips and place in the bowl. Toss the salad. Serve the salad with the chicken schnitzel strips.

How do you like your chicken schnitzel?

This recipe comes from the eBook 26 Ingredients. It has over 100 recipes from a pantry of just 26 simple ingredients from gourmet breakfasts to delicious desserts plus tips on using up leftovers. Only $4.95!

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