Chocolate Rock Cake

My daughter loves rocks. She has a pet rock called Precious, who has a bed and gets bathed. All she wanted for her birthday was a rock cake. I’m not overly creative, so I came up with this chocolate rock cake which she requested again the following year!

Chocolate Rock Cake


1 chocolate cake (I use my recipe, it is moist and dense)
1 medium jar of Nutella
1 packet of Malteasers
1 small box of Ferrero Rocher

Place the cake on the serving tray.
Smother in Nutella.
Cover in Malteasers and Ferrero Rocher.

This is a chocolate rock cake with chocolate overload. You only need a small slice. If you buy all the items on sale it is a reasonably priced birthday cake.

What sort of cakes do your kids ask for?

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