Cheap, quick and easy gifts for jewellery lovers

This Christmas you can get creative with your gifts as well as keeping the money in bank by doing a few DIY presents.
This week I’m going to show you two quick ones that you can do for only a few dollars, and that any jewellery lover will swoon for. The first one could be great for the kids to do for Grandma!


1. Jazz Up Jewellery with Nail Polish
If you know someone’s favourite colour is purple, or you only see them wearing blue accessories this is the perfect trick. Cheap costume jewellery often comes in naff colours but some nail polish love can fix that to be the perfect shade of personality.

Cheap/costume jewellery (I got mine from Lovisa for $5)
Nail Polish (whatever you have at home should be fine)
Nail Polish Remover (we all make mistakes)

Cheap Quick and Easy Jewellery Gifts you can make
Step 1: Choose your colour scheme

Step 2: Paint your first coat of colour and let dry

Step 3: Paint your second coat of colour/touch ups and let dry

Step 4: Use the nail polish remover to get rid of any mistakes

Step 5: Admire your wonderful work!

Cost: $10 (If you need to buy polish)
Time: 15 minutes (not including dry time)

2. Wrangle some Bangles with Ribbon
You and I both know that clanking bangles can be so annoying. Help a sister out by gifting her with a fabulous set of bangles that are flexible to wear but without the chiming noises, plus a dose of beautiful colour!

Cheap bangles (I got mine from Kmart for $3)
1m of ribbon (Varys depending on where you get it from. Eckersley’s had some for under a $1/m)
Glue Gun (If you don’t have one, ask around, I’m sure someone has one you can borrow. If not, invest! They’re under $20)

Step 1: Glue the ribbon around your first bangle.

Step 2: Weave the ribbon, over and under, each bangle until you reach the last bangle.

Step 3: Wrap the ribbon around the last bangle and weave the ribbon back to the first bangle.

Step 4: Repeat until you reach your starting point.

Step 5: Glue free end of ribbon in place to revent movement and fraying.

Cost: $8 for 2 sets
Time: 10 minutes for the silver set and 20 minutes for the blue and gold set

Quick, easy, cheap, but fun, thoughtful and unique. Would you gift a friend or family member one of these wonderful pieces this Christmas?

Post from Jac Lambert

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