How to make bookmark party favours

Super simple party favour – Bookmarks!

Post by staff writer Rachael. Party favours don’t need to be elaborate, expensive or only made up of food. How many times have you gone to a party and the kids are already hyped up from it, then they come home with a bag of lollies? In our area we try to limit this and have been looking at other party favour options.

My son is having a Minecraft themed party this weekend and he loves to read so we decided to make a few bookmarks as party favours. They’re quick, easy and look great.

What you need


How to make the bookmarks

Decide how big you want your bookmark and print your pictures to size. Being a party, you can choose to stick to a certain theme and have it all tie into what you’re already doing. Alternatively, if your child knows the favourite things of other kids e.g. Minecraft, pirates, Disney or similar you can print images relating to them for specific kids.

Stick the image to the card to make it thicker and last longer.

Place the bookmarks on laminating sheets, laminate and cut them out.

How to make bookmarks

You can do this with kids art work, old magazines, stickers, dried flowers and the list goes on. If the party is at home you can even include it as an activity, lay out some pictures, glitter, glue, sequins and similar for the kids to make their own bookmarks to take home.

What theme would you pick?

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