Back to school giveaway with Nude Food Movers and Adventure Snacks! RRP $178.95

School goes back in a few weeks and while it’d be nice to kick back, relax and enjoy the rest of the holidays, for most families the reality is a mad rush and pressure on the budget to get things ready for school. This year, I am super excited to bring you a giveaway which will help ease the back to school burden a little thanks to Nude Food Movers by Smash Enterprises and a great pack from Adventure Snacks.

Health and eco living are two things that are important in this Thrifty household. As such, we are always trying new foods, shopping at markets to avoid waste, using all we have and taking containers instead of ziplock bags to picnics, school and work.

Here is where Nude Food Movers and Adventure Snacks come in.

Nude Food Movers by Smash Enterprises!
We got lunchboxes from Smash last year and while I thought they were pretty and looked rather durable, I had my doubts. My kids are going into year 3 and 4. Since preschool I have tried a variety of lunch boxes, none have lasted more than a year. I started with a brand that has a lifetime warranty. The lunch boxes had to be replaced 3 times. This was no good. I tried generic as my budget wouldn’t stretch (or so I thought) and they all broke within the first semester.

Last year, I finally switched to Smash with their Nude Food Movers and now we will never use anything else. The lunch boxes and containers my kids used last year are still going strong. We have a selection of containers for everything they take from sandwiches to fruit to crackers and my kids can pack their own lunches.

With lunch bags to keep food cool, drink bottles, lunch boxes, yoghurt containers and more, there is something for everyone, kids and adults! You can check out their full catalogue here, or see just some of their options for the Nude Food Movers range below.

Smash Enterprises are available at Coles, Woolworths, Big W, Officeworks and Target. They are offering $100 worth of products in our giveaway. More details below.

Adventure Snacks
Adventure Snacks provides convenient, organic, real food mixes. Health is a huge focus in our house this year, so finding convenient mixes such as these which tick all the boxes for us such as lunch box friendly, wheat/gluten free, nut free and no refined sugar is fantastic.

With the following delicious options for mixes:
– Strawberry and banana muffins
– Choc-beet muffins
– Oat and carrot cookies
– Cacao muesli museli bars
– Cranberry, fig and seed balls
– Sweet potato and zucchini muffins

Plus dried fruit including sultanas, apple, pear and dates, the options for healthy food, with no nasty preservatives or additives are plentiful. You will know exactly what your kids are eating and you know they are getting the goodness of fruit, vegetables, seeds and more.

Adventure Snacks give you back more time, help you ensure your kids eat well and you can spend quality time with your kids making their favourite mixes with a whole lot less mess than making it from scratch. What’s not to love?

The pack Adventure Snacks is giving away is their value pack with all 6 mixes valued at $78.95!

How do you enter?
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77 thoughts on “Back to school giveaway with Nude Food Movers and Adventure Snacks! RRP $178.95

  1. the only way i found to get to school on time is make sure all lunches are made the night before once they get home socks in the wash and shoes beside there beds clothes in baskets

  2. We made the switch to Nude Food Movers last year as well. Like you I had my doubts, but for the first time since my son started school (he’s going into Grade 4) I don’t need to buy him a new lunchbox this year! Winning!
    My best back to school tip is to make sure everything that can be is ready the night before. Lay out clothes for the next day, making sure to include socks and undies. Pack lunches and drink bottles (I like to do this while I’m cooking dinner) and pop them in the fridge so they’re ready to grab and go in the morning. Put anything needed for extra-curricular activities the next day, e.g sports equipment or musical instruments with the schools bags so it’s not forgotten. And finally make sure homework goes straight back into its folder as soon as it’s done. All of these things save us from a mad rush in the morning. I find the day always goes a bit smoother when we’ve gotten off to a good start 🙂

  3. Make up batches of lunchbox friendly savoury muffins, zucchini slice and meatballs before school goes back. Pull them out for a break from sandwiches and those crazy days you are running late!

  4. I always froze sandwiches during summer, apart from being ready to go on busy mornings, they were just right by lunch time, fresh and cool. Pack frozen grapes and small pieces of watermelon for snacks, great for keeping kids hydrated.

  5. Stock up on school products when on special e.g. Juice boxes, roll ups, museli bars. They come onto really cheap prices occasionally so I stock up and quite often lasts a whole school term! As a working mum I forget to get these things sometimes so makes my life easier to know the cupboard is well stocked

  6. Save money by using last years backpack, drink bottle, lunch box …uniforms too if they still fit .. I brought school skirts from the uniform shop that were discounted heavily a few sizes up so she can grow into them

  7. I’m a first time school mum with my little girl starting preschool next month but my best time saving tip I have been taught and after watching my mum growing up would be to meal prep. We all spent time in the kitchen together as a family on a Sunday preparing for the week ahead. A little extra time on the weekend ensures a sane and happy family through the week

  8. Mornings are hectic in this house so we try to include snacks in our weekly meal prep and pack lunches the night before.

  9. My best back to school tip is for lunches – get your child involved! At dinnertime I chat with Miss 6 about options for the next day, and we decide together what she will have for sip n crunch, lunch and afternoon tea. I get those organised after dinner for the next day (time saver!) and then in the morning I show Miss 6 – much better chance that she will eat them if she feels she has some control! And often she decides to pick fresh tomatoes from the garden. We make most things from scratch at home so I love that Miss 6 and Miss 4 are having healthy food, made with love.

  10. Always involve your kids when making their school lunches / snacks. They are more likely to eat all of their food if they are involved.

  11. For the small outlay associated with purchasing iron on or sew in name tags and readily identifiable stationery items, the cost can be easily recouped by limiting loss – financial, time-wise and stress.

  12. nothing is worse then going back to school and the whole swimming lessons, or excursions or even the amazing lunch order demands are right back on the table. How to not let this hit your pocket after all you have outlaid in the last couple weeks. Over the Summer holidays. every $1 or $2 coins I get I put into a plastic bottle…I dont even miss them. but come the first couple weeks of the school year.. Those swimming lessons dont feel like a nightmare… I get that bottle and bam! half to all cost is paid for… so buying that lunch order on top wont make you wanna cringe or cry.

    1. I despise how the schools ask for money that first week. i have two at school this year and their school gives out the school photograph notice in the first week asking for money 🙁

  13. My best time (and sanity) saving tip is making a big batch of sandwiches at the start of the week, and freezing them. It is not only convenient, but helps keeping lunchboxes nice and cool during our hot summers. Just be careful what you freeze, salad items with a high water content, such as lettuce, tomato and beetroot, can send your sandwich soggy on defrosting, so it is best to steer clear of these, and if you are doing a meat and salad sandwich, send freshly chopped salad in a separate container, to be added just before it is eaten.

  14. I make sure the uniforms are easy to get and that school bags are packed the night before and just add lunchbox in morning

  15. There is so much self-expectation about being everywhere and doing everything.
    Lunch boxes, nude, healthy food with a huge variety. My advice is to relax, if your kids want vegemite sandwiches everyday- that’s okay. Be kind to yourself, if you need to take shortcuts, do so….
    You are already your kids supermummy… just by being there and loving them.

  16. N the holidays to keep the kids fro the dreaded “I’m bored” have a baking day. Keeps kids amused and gets ahead of the back to schools lunch box snacks. Make a bunch of freezeable items and save time during the term.

  17. We use reusable sandwich/snack bags and have done for over 4yrs. No costly cling wrap/zip lock bags going to waste and super easy for little hands to open.

  18. Label everything twice it saves a lot of time looking for lost items pre purchase sale items if you can saves money unexpectedly put a couple of dollars aside throughout the year to help with swimming lessons photos excursions etc helps us alot

  19. I find being prepared is the key to sanity when returning to school. Having some healthy snacks baked in the freezer and having bags packed as much as possible the night before makes the morning run a lot smoother and keeps mum a little be more sane

  20. Pre preparing and baking freezable snacks every couple of weeks saves so much time and money as well as being better for my know what you are putting into them.

  21. I reuse items from previous years for Book lists instead of buying new everything. Usually saves $40 per child per book list

  22. I always shop a year ahead for my school stuff, all the supermarkets reduce there excess stock by 75% once school goes back so i stock up on essentials. Good to replace during the year and less i have to buy at full price once school starts, saves me time and money and don’t have to drag kids around the shops.

  23. Have a back to school party the weekend before school goes back. Make party games like “who can get their uniform on fastest”, A checklist race to find a backpack, drink bottle, school shoes etc”, “making a sandwich race”, “pin your class number on the classroom” This helps get the kids used to what will be happening on school mornings, can be done with friends too (especially if you have not caught up over the holidays. It gives all the kids a chance to chat and catch up so they dont feel left out on the first day back.

  24. Its a great idea to try and arrange for your child to meet their teacher before the school year starts, especially in the first years and/or if your child is a bit shy. Or, even better, if you can organise a playdate with someone from their class before school starts (assuming you know of someone) This can stop your child feeling so overwhelmed and really help with seperation anxiety on that first day, when everyone is a little excited and crazy

  25. Lots of great ideas in the comments! This is our first year of school (kindy!) so can use all the help and ideas I can get! 😀

    My wee fellow and I have been doing drive by’s of the kindy for a bit of familiarisation.

    I know the freezer will be my friend, frozen baked goods and bliss balls, cooked sausages, corn cob wheels and so forth.

    One thing I have started is compiling a lunchbox inspiration list (for those days when my head is not “on straight”), noting what is currently in the fridge/freezer/cupboard”, and ideas for snacks, lunch etc and where I can find the recipe. I don’t want lunchboxes to be a stressful thing!

  26. I get things on sale throughout the year. Backpacks, lunchboxe, socks. I keep it together until its time to get a list together of what else i need. I dont notice a few dollars here and there over the whole year, so it’s a bit of a weight off my shoulders not having to get everything at once and spend a huge amount.

  27. I prepare the kids lunches the night before and always have extra food they like in the freezer backpacks and shoes and socks are lined up along the wall ready for the rush out the door in the mornings

  28. Preparation is my intention and my thought on how to save money in the future.
    Making and freezing things like basic sandwiches (cheese and ham, jam, cheese and vegemite), muffins (banana; apple and cinnamon; zucchini; savoury options) and pizza scrolls allows me to grab something in the morning, put it in the lunch box ready, add fruit and go.
    I have also been writing down any extra ideas i have come up with for lunch box options and keeping the list in the kitchen so i can refer to it for inspiration.
    My son recently decided he would eat snow peas with hummus so they are on the list.
    And i added sushi when that became a regular eaten item too.

  29. I like to be organised for school, making plenty of home made goodies like cakes and slices for the kids lunch boxes preferably ones that can be frozen.

  30. My Handy Tips are to prepare sandwiches &Salads the night before..I also like to cook healthy snacks,muffins slices on the weekend &freze them so easy & quicker to prepare school son loves his recess & lunches.fulfill s his appetite &forfills,his energy for a great day at School.. also makesure their uniforms & bag is ready the nights before so we have a east relaxing morning before his big day. Also love your products. 🙂

  31. This be awesome help getting ready for school year .freeze individual foods for lunches in the week .Kids be very happy to use ,reliablebe & user friendly .

  32. My hot going back to school tip is to coordinate with other mothers to bake or prepare healthy food for a small group of families. Sometimes my kids get a little sick of the same thing everyday so my friends and I coordinate whereby one week I will make oat biscuits another week a mum will make healthy muffins, the next week another mum will make all the kids healthy banana bread and so on. With the nude food carriers, it means that we can ensure all the kids get their share of a variety of healthy foods everyday of the week. I’m looking forward to sharing this great product on my blog too.

  33. Nothing make me and the kids feel ready for the new year then having all our school supplies ready the week before – its means we can really relax and enjoy the last of the summer holidays without rushing around

  34. I make an extra big dinner and set aside some for lunch for me the next day. This gives me enjoyable ME time in the middle of the day when it’s just me at home. Rushing breakfast and dinner is enough for me, I just love having my lunch ready to go.

  35. Have a dedicated annual planner to record all of the important school dates as soon as you get them. It helps with time management but importantly I don’t forget and then double book.

  36. Start waking up early a week before school goes back. Get kids up (if you’re lucky enough to have sleepers), fed, dressed and ready to start the day as we would if we’re going to school. Reset the evening/bedtime routine as well.

  37. We’ve been going to bed and getting up later and later as the holidays go on… My best tip is to start getting back into a more structured bed time routine the week before school goes back. Everything is so much easier when everyone sleeps better!

  38. Recycle….I go through the kids items from the year before & reuse items that are still good. I reuse plastic book covers & just give them a wipe over before recovering. I’ve saved a lot this year by doing this.

  39. I know I could have ordered the kids stationery and school books through the school back in November, but then our main focus was on Christmas, closing in fast. Rather than shopping manually or taking my booklists (for three children) into Officeworks which is 26kms away, I just dropped the list into our local Newsagent mid January and they got everything together for me. No fuss plus I’m supporting local businesses.

  40. I have boxes for each kid near the front door for storing their school bag and anything else they will need the next day. So more searching for permission slips or library books in the morning!

  41. After. School. Care. If it’s offered free at your school, it’s the best thing for both sides! The kids get extra time with their friends (because I know little Tommy’s your best friend, but he can’t actually move in with us) and you get extra time with just you!

  42. Colour coding is a must! one colour per child for all their gear or in highschool, one colour per subject – same colour book, timetable, folder etc. Lifesaver

  43. My best tip is to do trial runs – dressing and undressing re school clothes, trying out all the features on school bags & lunch boxes, trying on the shoes & wearing them around and about a bit. Even a walk or drive to the school can be invaluable.

    You don’t want to be doing any of this the first morning back & finding you have hit a snag or two.

  44. l always let the kids assist with making and preparing their lunches , l find that they put would they actually like in their lunch boxes and they eat what is in there , no waste such a big cost saver throughout the year

  45. If your child has butterflies regarding going back to school emphasise the positive things such as hanging out with old friends, meeting new classmates, buying cool school supplies, participating in sports or other activities they enjoy, and showing off the new snazzy accessories if your child has to wear a uniform.

  46. With 3 kids my diary is my saviour. Every event or happening goes straight in my diary as soon as I see it in the newsletter otherwise I forget things! Whether its a meeting, sports event, free dress day etc, I keep a track of every single little thing going on. Then I can check my diary on the weekends and be able to plan the week in advance. This has really taken the stress out of school life for me 🙂

  47. i have a shelf with room for each kids school stuff and bags etc ready to go by the door. It goes all here when they get home and stays there so no lost shoes at 8am

  48. My tip – we don’t stop doing any of the things that we do during the school year during the holidays. We still get up at the same time, go to bed at the same time, my younger daughter still does a little bit of school work in the holidays and I try to make lunches in advance – that way going back to school is not a huge shock.

  49. We are trying to get as organised as possible for kindy and will be freezing snacks and containers will be filled with dried fruit . What great mixes .

  50. We prep on Sundays , mainly with homemade muffins and let the kids help, and choose their ingredients ( banana , apricot &honey , Pineapple and coconut etc ) , savoury scrolls and savoury slices and freeze into individual portions. Then cut up celery and carrot sticks and make up fruit salad , ready to be divided up depending on who feels like what on the day. Helps including the kids so healthy eating is a fun option .

  51. Learning is meant to be fun, so my big tip is to talk positively about returning to school with your child. Point out the good things and maybe even start a positive day book; where you can record things that have occurred during the day which have made your child happy. Enthusiasm is catching! 🙂

  52. Set up a homework/device station. I have half the dining table (it’s huge and we usually eat in the kitchen anyway) organised with stationery, chargers & earplugs and everything needed for homework/projects. The family computer is there too. I like having devices (that are used for homework for my eldest) & computer games in a public space so I can keep an eye on what’s going on. It makes it a form of family time too rather than each of them shutting themselves away in their rooms for homework/playing games.
    Oh, and I like to buy a big tub of yoghurt, split it into lots of little containers and freeze it for a frozen yoghurt snack at recess.

  53. For me it’s all about buying in bulk! Do the maths on how much those easy bags of tiny teddies or BBQ shapes are just once and you’ll never want to buy them again!!

    I buy boxes of the kids favourites when they are on half price sale and on Sunday I do 10 small containers of a treat food (some type of biscuit) bake a batch of muffins and bag them up in the fridge and bag up grapes, carrot sticks and tiny tomatoes. This way my 2 daughters lunches are half done and I only have to mix and match and add a sandwich each day and it’s all done and I am not tempted to buy “easy” = “expensive” snacks

  54. When it comes to uniforms, utilise buy sell swap sites to find good condition second hand items. I managed to source most of my son’s uniform items this way. Plus go generic where possible – most of the chain stores sell well priced shorts, skorts and polo shirts which are great if you don’t need items with a logo.

  55. I spend the week before school starts making 2 snacks a day (1 sweet, 1 savoury) to fill the freezer for the term ahead. Makes packing lunch boxes the night before a breeze!

  56. Organise everything the night before – Make school lunches, layout school clothes/shoes for the next day. Makes getting ready for school less hectic or more organised 🙂

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