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43 ways for single mums to make money

How can you Make Money as a Single Mum? Single parents often face more barriers getting into the workforce, expenses aren’t split with anyone else and childcare (arrangements and costs) fall on them. As such, it can be difficult for you to get back on your feet or make enough money to save, buy a […]

21 Day Money Challenge, Beauty, Save Money

How to make and save money on health and beauty #21DayMoneyChallenge

How can you Reduce the Cost of Health and Beauty? Health and beauty can be two large expenses for any budget. As a whole, billions each year is spent on health and beauty. This includes doctors visits, medication, treatments, specialists, surgery and complementary medicine for health, along with salon visits, skin care, makeup, products and […]

Self care

13 Books Every Mum Should Read!

What are the best books for mums which aren’t about motherhood or parenting? So many mums I speak with share how they lost themselves as a mother, have no time and don’t pursue their own interests anymore. Their health, hobbies and needs are second to everyone else in the family. Often, they feel exhausted, worn […]