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9 Ways I Made Money This Month

I love finding new ways to make money. As great as saving money is, increasing your income, having multiple streams of income and knowing that if you got fired tomorrow, you’ll be right because you have money coming from elsewhere is a great feeling! Here are a variety of ways I have made money this month (disclosure, there are a few affiliate links for services I have used):

1. Blogging

I own a few sites and make money from my blogs in a variety of ways.

Affiliate marketing – this is where I get a bonus or payment if someone signs up or buys something I recommend. I don’t do this a lot because I am selective about what I recommend and will only recommend things I personally use. Most things I use or recommend do not have affiliate programs and I don’t care because I am all about doing what is best for you, my reader and sharing what I use. I am not about getting the most clicks and affiliate payments.

Sponsored Posts – these are posts a company pays to have on one of my blogs. Again, I am selective. I turn down more than I accept and prefer my staff to be able to write the post so it has useful information for you. An example of that is this post on being a supermum. Because I own a few sites, whenever I get an enquiry about advertising I pitch all the sites I have and offer packages. 75% of the time this results in multiple bookings instead of one, thus increasing my income.

Adsense – I have Adsense on my blogs and when someone clicks, I get money (a few cents). I don’t push this and don’t want people clicking regularly for me or anything like that. It’s one of those things which ticks over in the background and I view as a bonus.

My own products and services – I have a few ebooks, I secure public speaking, mentoring and other services because of my blogs, but I have listed them further down to explain further.

2. Reselling

Back in March, I joined the #2017FlipChallenge which was about buying things to resell and I shared my tips for selling on eBay. In my first month, I made an extra $2,710, my second month I was in another city and sick, but my third month I made an extra $8,714.38 and in my fourth month I made over $10,000 (not the first time I have made that much, but first time since starting this challenge again)!

I sell things I have, buy things to resell such as books, specific clothing and occasionally items I know about that could resell well and last month I sold items for others (mainly photography gear), taking a commission from the items I sold.

3. Freelance writing

Freelance writing is no longer a main gig for me, although previously it has been. I do a few articles here and then when I choose to or if I love the publication. When I do writing I earn on average 50 cents to $1 per word, with my first every paid article back in 2011 being $125 for a 250 word article. I know many who write for less and others who have long term contracts with multiple clients earning them over $100,000 a year.

If you want to do freelance writing I highly recommend this course. Writers who have done it all make a full time living from it and Holly, the creator, has a great group to support everyone (yes, I am in it and yes, this is an affiliate link). You can interact with others, she posts daily what she is doing, how much she is earning and from what, tips on freelance writing etc. I’ve personally invested thousands in courses to get myself to where I am, have the skills I have and take advice from people such as Holly because they were already doing what I wanted to do and I could get there quicker by doing the course, learning from her advice, avoiding mistakes etc.

This applies to everything I do, not just writing. Many freelance writers have journalism degrees or similar. Holly’s course is a significantly cheaper way to get ahead as a freelance writer.

4. Coaching/mentoring

I am selective about this and only take on a few clients at a time. I’ve gone from homeless to CEO, won multiple international awards, am an author, speaker, blogger and have experience in areas such as finance, travel, business, single parenting etc. Mentors I take on typically focus on business and finance (setting up their own business, finding ways to make and save money, get their budget sorted, setting and achieving goals etc.)

I am not currently taking on any more clients for this. The only option I have is a ‘pick my brain session‘, where anyone can book 1 hour with me and get advice on anything they want from how to buy and sell websites, to ways they can specifically make or save money, to marketing for this business (both digital and traditional marketing) or anything else within my niches.

5. Consulting

I have a selection of clients I do marketing and other consults for. This is an area of my business I have actively been scaling back (I used to do workshops, seminars, training, full marketing strategies and other consults). I sold some of this part of my business and scaled back. Now my focus is my blogs, speaking and my passion projects, with the odd corporate consult.

6. Online surveys

I didn’t actually do anything month, though I was offered. I did earn points through Swagbucks as I use it for my search engine. You can find my list of the best Australian online surveys here.

7. Cash back

Not strictly earning money but it is bonus money I wouldn’t normally have. I now shop almost exclusively online. I order most of my groceries to be delivered, as well as books, skincare and other needs. Programs I have on my computer automatically look for discounts and have a pop up in the corner telling me savings I can get plus one (called Cashrewards) which gets me cash back for the majority of my purchases. I have them all listed and explained in this article.

8. Bank interest and bonuses

I bank with ING and have for years since I got a signup bonus. They have fee free banking, I get cash back if I withdraw more than $200 from an atm, atm fees get refunded and there are other bonuses at times. I have genuinely used, loved and recommended ING since I started with them (probably when I was pregnant with my eldest, 10 years ago!) Edit to add: just got an email from ING if you use the code CNW116 when signing up you will get a $100 bonus and I will get a bonus too. I’ll use mine in a giveaway if I get any.

Last month was just bank interest for me, every bit counts though, right?

9. Speaking

I am an international keynote speaker, so it’s one of the things I get paid to do plus I usually secure clients and other work through speaking. I know it is most people’s idea of hell but I love it! I have been doing it for a few years (and trust me, I was terrible at the beginning!) now I have my specific keynote topics down pat, plus I can talk about any of my niches at any time for any length of time. I am passionate about my topics. You can find out more about my speaking here if you want.

What did you do to make money this month? 

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