8 uses for spare stickers

Do you end up with loads of stickers everywhere?

8 ideas for spare stickers #kidscraft #SchoolHolidays

My kids love collecting the cards and stickers that Woolworths have been doing and with the end of the Jamie’s Kitchen stickers last week we have an abundance of spare stickers. After giving some away to help others complete their sets we still have a bunch sitting here so this holidays we are going to do different things with them instead of just throwing them out.

8 uses for spare stickers - memory cards

1. Memory Game
Depending on how many doubles there are we can stick them to card and make our own memory game. We might laminate them but the stickers are fairly good quality so I may not bother.

2.Cut Them In Half and Draw the Other Side

This is something I used to do primary school. I will cut the sticker in half and stick one half on a piece of paper. The kids then finish drawing the sticker, either copying what the other half looks like or making up their own picture. There can be some interesting pictures created.

3. Picture Book
We will go through our stickers and see if we can make a simple story based on the pictures. I plan to make small books by having the sticker on top and space underneath for the kids to write their story. I’ll use a hole punch and ribbon to tie the books together when they finish so we can keep them.

4. Information Recall
On a separate piece of paper I will get the kids to write what they know about the fruit or vegetable. I will also let them research on the internet to find out more if they don’t know. I’m hoping the one will help them to eat more veggies!

5. Mr Squiggle
I’ll stick a few random stickers over a page and then the kids can make one. big picture from them, just like mr Squiggle used to.

6. Recipe Cards
My kids love to cook and while my 6yr old can read my 3 year old can’t so we will make up some simple recipes by cutting out the ingredients from the stickers and drawing what we don’t have. I think we can do recipes for salads, shakes, sandwiches, quiches and ice creams to start with.

8 ideas for spare stickers - Power Cards

7. Puppets
The ‘power’ stickers are the favourites so I’m going to make puppets by sticking them on a paddle pop stick. Then the kids can do puppet shows to their hearts content. To extend this activity they can make a puppet theatre and different set backgrounds for different stories.

8 ideas for spare stickers - dominos

8. Dominos
We are going to make our own set of dominos by putting 2 stickers on a piece of card. It doesn’t matter which stickers I use so long as there are ones that match up together.

These ideas should keep the kids busy and entertained this holidays plus use up something that we would otherwise throw away. You could do many of these ideas with any collectable cards or stickers your kids may be into or you could have the kids make them from pictures in magazines.

Are there any other activities you can think of to use up the stickers?

Article by Rachael

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