7 Thrifty Ways To Treat Yourself

Every now and then I need a pick-me-up or treat!  I would love to treat myself to a shopping spree, designer clothes, pamper packages and more … but unfortunately, our budget has placed priorities elsewhere.

So I’m going to compile a list of thrifty, indulgent treats to select from – to have on hand when I’m ready to splurge – something to help me avoid blowing the budget! 7 Thrifty Ways To Treat Yourself
If you have any treats that you use yourself, then please share!

Thrifty Pick-Me-Ups!

Relax Often a flat mood can be due to stress and tiredness … fix this with an indulgent nana-nap.  Turn the phone off, shut the curtains and get cosy in bed for a couple of hours. Got a hammock or favourite place in the home?

Perhaps you could pull up a chair or blanket and place it under the tree in the corner of your garden.  Pick up a book or magazine and indulge yourself with an hour of rest.  Ignore the stresses, pressures and jobs that need to be done … one hour to yourself will have you recharged and ready to tackle them all later.

Socialise Grab a cup of tea, find your favourite spot to sit and pick up the phone to ring a friend or family member. When did you last make time for your friends?  Invite someone over for a cuppa, or head over to their place.

Perhaps you have a friend who could do with a hand, or a simple hug – helping someone in need can improve your mood. If you don’t feel like socialising, then go for a wander around your local shops or park and sit on the bench for some “people-watching”.  Just being around people without any talking can lift your spirits.

Music Music is my favourite pick-me-up … a selection of fun, upbeat songs to get in a great mood at home.  Alternatively, you could search on the internet or check the local paper for a pub or club that has free live bands or a concert in the botanic gardens or local Council Park.  Take a friend or go by yourself – get out and about with some great tunes.

Shop As tempting as it would be to embark on a huge shopping spree … this is not what I had in mind.  If you feel like hitting the shops for some spending, then review your budget first to see what you can allow … if there is nothing you can buy for yourself, then perhaps check your budget to see what gift’s you can purchase for friends and family.  A great way to hit the shops – and stay in budget!

Pamper Feeling neglected? Get sexy, put on your favourite feel-good outfit, do your nails, trim your fringe, have a long bath, moisturise, do a DIY facial … set aside an hour or so to spend on pampering yourself.  Looking good and feeling good often go hand-in-hand.

Eat A popular pick-me-up is chocolate.  Rather than indulging on an entire packet of Tim-Tams, or family block of Rocky Road (very tempting, I know) … team a couple of little pieces of chocolate with your favourite blend of tea or coffee and make an occasion of it.  Refer to the Relax segment of this article … enjoy it in the garden or the hammock and really savour the taste.  This way you won’t break your budget, or your diet. Perhaps you have a favourite meal you like to enjoy as a special treat.  Get into the kitchen and take your time preparing and cooking up some delights.  Alternatively, sift through your recipe books or the internet and find ways to cook up something exciting with your pantry basics.

Get Active One of my favourite treats is to spend time either by myself or with the kids in the garden on a beautiful sunny day – or first thing in the morning, before everyone is up and the chaos starts!  The crisp, fresh smells of the garden and fresh air are a great way to start the day. Other active treats for you and your body are gentle walks in the park, or a session of yoga/Pilates.

Join a group of local’s and get involved in the community activities which can include a social basketball game, walkers/runners, some Tai Chi or any other physical activity you may enjoy. For those with super busy lifestyles, spending some time doing a little exercise can be a real treat! So next time you’re feeling like you need a mood-lifter, sift through this list of goodies and get back on track in no time!  Feel free to share your favourite treats with us too.

Cheers, Alison

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