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7 Day Fast Money Challenge Results

How to get Money Fast!

Often people reach out asking how to get money fast.

Ideally, we’d all have an emergency fund but in reality, many are one step away from financial ruin.

When you are hit with a large bill or unexpected expense, you need money now! I set up a free 7 Day Fast Money Challenge for anyone who wants to do it.

Sign up and get daily emails with things to do to save money now or get instant access to everything in the eBook for only $4.95.

My Experience with the 7-Day Fast Money Challenge

I’ve done fast money challenges a few times. Each time I’ve been amazed at what I have achieved. I got given money, found money and made money through things I did but none of it felt like much of an effort.

Here is my most recent effort, what I did, how much I made and saved etc. It also gives you some idea of what is in the 7 day challenge.

There is a lot more information and help in each of the emails for the challenge though.

Day 1 – Money Hunt: $539.52 + $516 pending + $100 in potential sales

I explain this more in the emails. Essentially, it is looking for money everywhere both online and off.

For my 7 days, I cashed out from online surveys and reward programs, found things to sell and got refunded for a few purchases that had not been delivered.

There is also another $516 pending from paperwork I’ve lodged and waiting for it to be resolved.

Also, 4 things are listed for sale so far which could be another $100.

Not a bad outcome for a total of 1 hour for all of the above (cashing out, listing items and paperwork).

Day 2 – Money Saving Magic: $Unsure

I already do everything I listed with shopping, cooking and saving money. But there is always room for improvement, right?

One thing I opted to do was a lot of cooking. Using a pack of sausages, I made 5 meals. Leftover roast chicken was turned into another 4 meals.

Salads were prepared and meals planned for the future too.

I also did some shopping with cashback bonuses resulting in $40 back on a $200 purchase.

Reviewing our health insurance because of a life change also saved me $20 a month.

Day 3- Review, Negotiate and Discount

Since we moved recently, we had reviewed our expenses to ensure we got the right options for us with every bill.

I cancelled some subscriptions then and applied discounts to everything we needed to purchase back then.

This means, instead of reviewing, I went over our list of things to get as well as set up alerts to ensure I know when they are on sale or there are large cashback offers for those items and we will buy accordingly.

Day 4 – Freebies: $2,500 Worth

This is another thing I am always on the hunt for. Since borders have opened and we love to travel, I decided to use today to access some travel options I used to use to get us free travel.

Our upcoming travel includes Canberra, Griffith, and Sydney (3 times) and at the end of the year or in January, we flew to Vanuatu.

I also checked I am signed up for all the birthday freebies for next year.

Day 5 – Choose a Side Gig

I have trialled numerous side gigs. The 5 easiest ones I’ve done are here, one year I made $33,277.57 in 12 months with side gigs and you can find 22 side gigs for 2022 here.

Since multiple streams of income is my aim, I took time today to plan and put in place details relating to side gigs I don’t discuss on The Thrifty Issue much.

Part of my family is from Vanuatu, so we have real estate and business there, as well as in the Solomon Islands.

I share some of the details about that on Aspiring Millionaire, as well as my challenge to turn $2 into $1,000,000 by doubling it over and over.

For the past 2 years, my time to do anything has been extremely limited due to pregnancies, kids, family commitments and no childcare.

I still do not have childcare but we are making it work so I can get more time to do these other incomes and projects.

These projects/incomes will be shared more as things progress. I am excited about them though.

Day 6 – Change Your Habits

You don’t need to do a total life overhaul to make a difference. One of the small habits I changed was round-ups.

My bank accounts are set to round up an extra $1 to $5, depending on the account and send that to savings.

I have 3 savings accounts at the moment for 3 different purposes.

This small change has seen my accounts grow much faster.

Especially since one of the spending accounts set to be rounded up is used by my teenage daughter who tends to buy lunch and things.

Check out small habit changes to get some ideas.

Day 7 – Goals and Family

Getting your family on board can be tricky. Fortunately for me, my family are on board with our major goals.

We discuss money, lifestyle, and habits, all of it frequently and we work as a team to ensure we have the life we want.

I am open about my goals but hadn’t made a vision board recently or been doing my process to achieve my goals.

This showed since my progress slowed significantly. I chose to use day 7 to create a vision board, set up my motivation wall, and my calendar and create a solid plan for the rest of 2022.

So for the rest of 2022 my main money goals are:
1. Save to move house, again
2. Save for a trip to Vanuatu to see our family and sort out our real estate and business there
3. Buy a 7 or 8 seater car
4. Get childcare or a nanny so I can work again

How Much Did I Make and Save?

I generated over $1,000 extra on day 1 alone, sorted $2,500 worth of freebies and saved a little here and there. Some of this won’t be seen for a few weeks though.

I’d say, once all finalised, it is probably around $5,000 for the week. Not a bad effort!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.