6 tricks to mimic long legs

Gorgeous long legs can get a lot of attention but not every body shape can boast them. Here are six tricks to help you create the illusion of sexy long legs no matter your shape.


1 – Go Monochrome
Keep both your pants and your shoes the same colour, or your skirt, stockings and shoes if not sporting pants. Dark colours will also help your legs appear thinner, such as black or a dark navy. By keeping them all the same colour it creates a longer line down your legs instead of being broken up by colour blocks.

2 – Choose the Right Shoe
Obviously a heel will help your legs look longer, but not just any heel. Heels with ankle or T-straps will cut your leg off which makes it appear shorter.
Shoes with pointed toes are better as they will give you a longer line down your leg and lastly, if in doubt, go nude! A nude coloured heel will always help give the illusion of longer pins.
Also with boots, choose styles that go over the knee or sit under your pants. Stopping at the knees or ankles creates a stumpy leg. Whereas a taller boot creates a longer line for the eye to be drawn down.

3 – Perfect Your Hem Length
The length of your pants/skirt also play a large part in lengthening your legs. If wearing pants, try to have them skimming the ground, not dragging on it. Too long and it looks like your legs are too short and you’re walking on your pants. When your pants skim the ground they look much longer and also give a nice, neat finish to your look. If your pants are a skinny cut, have the hem sit flush against your leg. Bunching of the fabric around your ankle gives the same short-legged impression as walking on your pants. Along the same lines, avoid cuffed pants because they have the same effect.
For extra brownie points, pick a high waist style pants and tuck your shirt in.

4 – Be Seduced by Skirts
The theory goes that the shorter the hem on a skirt the longer the length of the leg. Personally, I’m not a fan of super short skirts without stockings so I use point 1 with matching coloured stockings much more. Skirts are effective in mimicking long legs because they hide where your crotch actually is and pants show you exactly where your legs start.
Hem lengths for skirts depend on the kind of skirt you’re wearing. A maxi or long skirt should skim the ground, like pants. A pencil or a-line it should sit high on the waist and just hide the knee before your calf thickens out with muscle. If your skirt ends on the thickest part of your calf it will stunt your leg and you’ll look larger, not longer, than you actually are.

5 – Use Patterns Sparingly
Smaller vertical patterns look leaner then larger, bulkier patterns. Ultimately, a simple line down the side, such as a tuxedo style pant, looks classy enough to lengthen your leg. Just pay close attention to your hem length or the line will be for naught when it bunches up. This is also true for ironing, if you iron the crease of your pants in the front of your leg instead of on the side it gives your eyes a visual guide to the length as your eye automatically runs up and down the crease.
To create length in your legs the goal is to streamline your look on the bottom half, patterns tend to clutter it up and disjoint the line you are trying to create.

6 – Bare With Care
If you’re showing some skin, take some advice from the skin baring empire that is Victoria’s Secret. Run a swish of highlighter or shimmer down the entire length of your leg at the front. Doing this draws attention to the front of your leg and the sides recede because they don’t have the light catching them. This creates the illusion of a long line for your eyes to follow.
By understanding how clothing works with your look you can save yourself both time and money by not wasting it on what is unflattering on you and ends up hiding in the cupboard. These six tips can help you understand how clothing can work to help you look like a long-legged beauty. When you legs appear longer, you seem as if you are standing taller which is a boost to your confidence. Having confidence is the key to being happy. Happy in what you’re wearing, happy in what you’re doing and happy being fabulous and frugal.

Written by Jac Lambert

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