6 Great Homemade Gift Ideas

How you can save money on DIY gifts!

The following is a guest post from Felicity of The Baby Vine. I’ve known Felicity and her site for a few years now and you’ll love her suggestions.

Gift-giving is one of my favourite things to do and I love getting the kids involved too. Whenever we have parties for friends, I make a big deal of taking them to the shops to select a special something to give to their friend. After all, the part about gift-giving is the thought that goes into it. That’s why, when it comes to Christmas, teacher presents at the end of the year and other days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we like to get our heads together and enjoy a little DIY in the process.

Why make a homemade gift?

There are plenty of reasons why you might look into a homemade gift:
– It’s often cheaper
– It carries more sentimentality for the receiver
– It shows more thought
– It’s personal

Here are my favourite homemade gift ideas to get you thinking.

1. Spice Rubs

Ok, this may sound a tad strange, but honestly, this is the most popular homemade gift I have. What’s something we ALL do, no matter what? We eat! Putting spice rubs on meat or other meals adds a great hit of flavour but it is often something you don’t have time to do yourself. Plus it can get expensive with all the different spices you need just a little of. That’s why at Christmas we do it in bulk! Works out cheaper, we make them all together in one batch and divide into jars we have collected throughout the year.

Another option is to make a batch of stock paste. Delicious, can be popped in the freezer to last longer and also a lot of effort to do just for yourself, so always well received.

2. Salt Dough

Have you tried making something with salt dough? It’s nice, easy and so much fun for kids as well. You can put together Christmas decorations or make handprint keepsakes for the kids. The best part is that once it’s done, the kids can paint it as well to add that extra special personal touch.

Find our recipe here.

3. Cookies

Who doesn’t love baking? I know my kids do! Cookies make a fabulous homemade gift, in fact, one year we upped our game and tried some peanut brittle which also went down really well. I love giving food gifts and you can guarantee they will be received well and there are so many different options out there. At Christmas time, we often attempt Christmas Bark as well, which is so easy and has so many different options. Find something you like to bake and go for it.

4. Cards

I’m not going to lie, I am often that person who forgets to include a card with my gift and I always feel bad. It simply slips my mind until the last minute and then it is just too late. Not anymore. We have repurposed all of Cassie’s old artwork into cards for friends and family. We simply store it in our cupboard and when the time comes, we pull it out and fold it up so we can write on it. It means we are never without (Cassie loves drawing!)

5. Sensory Bottle

If you are in need of a gift for a little one, check out these DIY sensory bottles. You can make them with objects you probably already have in your craft cupboard and once again, it adds a special personalised touch for the bub receiving it. You can get your kids involved too, helping you select different objects to go in. They will have a blast!

Image from The Baby Vine

6. Sensory Board

For all those up for an added challenge, check out this DIY sensory board. It makes an incredible gift for a little one and requires a trip to Bunnings (who doesn’t love that place?) Chris made one for our kids when Cassie was a baby and three years later it is still a favourite in our home.

When it comes to homemade gifts, think outside the square a little. Find something you love to do, whether it’s sewing, painting, writing, cooking or building and turn it into a gift idea. While it may seem basic for you as you do it every day, other people will appreciate it so much.

What gifts do you make?

Bio – Felicity

Felicity is a mum to her two daughters, Cassandra (3.5) and Vivienne (21 months) and he son Elliot (2 months). Her passion is in the parenting industry and creating a community where everyone feels welcome no matter how they choose to parent. It is this passion that led to the creation of The Baby Vine. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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