5 ways to save money on wine

How can you save money on wine?

Australians spend an average of $31.65 a week on alcohol according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Wine is the more popular choice but beer is drunk more often because good wines cost more, or do they? Here are some ways to save money on wine, especially during the festive season!
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1. Buy at a discount

While you can buy cheap wine, if you are celebrating or taking a bottle somewhere you probably want it to be nice. Knowing the type of wine you like means you can search for the best deals and buy it at a discount. Crackawines is one place which has huge discounts. They ship many of their wines direct from the suppliers and get great deals on last seasons wine to pass onto you.

2. Buy in bulk

You can usually get a bigger discount the more you buy, wherever you choose to buy. For businesses, a higher sale is better than trying to make multiple sales to get the same amount, as such they offer an incentive for you to buy more. Purchasing a case will save money especially if you are giving wine as gifts or will be using it at parties.

3. Store wine correctly

Keep it in a cool dark place. If the wine has a cork, store it on its side. On the rare occasion you have leftover wine, pour it into a smaller glass container. Learn about the wine you like and buy, the best ways to store it and do it accordingly.

4. Make the most of leftovers

Maybe you had a couple of glasses last night and don’t feel like it tonight. Look at ways to use the wine such as in a stew or other cooking. Alternatively, you can freeze wine for cooking. It won’t be the greatest for drinking after being frozen but it is still good for cooking. Better to make use of it later rather than waste it now.

5. Learn what you like

Do you prefer sweet, dry, fruity, red, white or rose? With so many options out there it can be hard to choose. Find out what you like, do some tastings and purchase similar wines. Having grown up not drinking (I’m an ex-Mormon), I really had no clue. My doctor has me down as a non-drinker I drink so rarely. When I started drinking, I tried a few different things, learnt about different flavours and this made it easier to buy drinks I liked instead of buying random wine and ending up wasting it.

What tips do you have for saving money with wine?

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  1. If you buy at auctions, you can get some great savings on really good (& expensive) wine … Some wineries will offer some really good discounts on X’mas & EOFY deals … (On a negative tone for the winery) I have received some sensational deals when an export batch has unfortunately fallen over & the winery needs to offload the wines at a huge discount.

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