5 ways to keep tyres in top condition

How do you take care of your tyres?

When you do own a car, maintaining it is so important, for your safety, the safety of others and for your budget too. One of the most important ways of ensuring your car is safe is to keep your tyres in check. Keeping your tyres in check is also a great way to extend their life and save some money.

Below, you’ll find five ways to ensure your tyres are in the best condition they could be in.

1. Check Pressure

The pressure of your tyres can have a major effect on your car. If the pressure is too high, too low or just wrong in general it can affect the steering, handling, braking, mileage and even increase fuel consumption or, worse, the tyre could blowout.

That’s why you should always make sure you check these on a weekly bases and before long journeys. You can find the right pressure in your car’s handbook and check them at a garage. However, to save money and worry, manometers from the likes of RS Components are great devices to help you check the pressure wherever you are.

2. Maintain The Tread

The minimum tread allowed is 1.6mm, anything below this is a crime. Not only that but it can affect the car’s performance and could result in you losing control of the car as the tyre can’t grip the road, which can be extremely dangerous in wet weather.

3. Check For Damage

This doesn’t just mean after a car accident but general wear and tear too. Take the time to check for bulges, cuts or any punctures left from objects like glass or nails. These can easily be prepared by a professional but if left unchecked, could have serious problems resulting in an accident or a new tyre altogether, which will cost a lot more.

4. Keep Them Aligned

If tyres aren’t correctly aligned, they can result in uneven wear and tear. This could result in them becoming damaged easier and can reduce your control of the car. It can even increase your fuel consumption, so making sure the alignment is correct can benefit in more ways than one.

5. Don’t Overload The Car

Finally, don’t overload your car, as it can be much more dangerous than you may think. When the car has too much inside it, it can affect the handling, and cause excessive wear on the tyres because of the added heat, which could result in a tyre explosion.

So, if you’re a driver, remember to keep these in mind to keep you and everyone around you safe, avoid fines and save some money.

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