5 Ways to Get Your Child to Enjoy Brushing Their Teeth #Sponsored

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While we understand the importance of taking good care of our teeth, children don’t always feel the same. In fact, for many parents, getting your children to brush their teeth on a night can become a bit of a war, with resistance and tears aplenty. But, getting your children into a good routine at a young age is really important to make sure they practise good oral hygiene later on in life.

If you’re struggling, here’s 5 top tips you can try to help bring a little more fun to teeth brushing time each day:

1.       Make it more fun

There are heaps of ways you can make your child’s teeth cleaning routine a little more exciting. Whether that’s by getting their favourite cuddly toys to take part and pretending to brush their teeth first or getting siblings to clean each other’s teeth to practise their technique.

One of the reasons kids are so resistant to brushing their teeth is because it feels like a chore, so that’s the problem you need to solve first. Our top advice for bringing a little more fun are:

  •  Invest in a new toothpaste – something colourful or with a nice flavour is sure to go down better than standard toothpaste.
  • Make it a competition – by introducing a reward for who can keep brushing the longest between you and your child or between siblings it’ll instantly become more exciting.
  • Show them other people brushing their teeth – read them stories where other characters and people brushing their teeth to show them that it’s something everyone must do.

2.       Introduce rewards

Rewarding your children with an extra bedtime story for cleaning their teeth or a new toy at the weekend can work really well when it comes to encouraging a good dental routine. Little rewards can be really helpful too, such as introducing a sticker chart on the bathroom wall.

This can work really well as with each time they brush their teeth without any fuss they get another gold star added to the chart. By the end of the week or month if they have more gold stars you can reward them with a new toy or teddy bear.

3.       Get their favourite characters involved

From kids’ toothbrushes featuring Elsa from Frozen to Barbie and Star Wars characters, sometimes all you need is their favourite character on a toothbrush to make brushing teeth way more fun.

Shop around to find a toothbrush they love or even better go on a shopping spree for a new toothbrush together to make it fun and exciting. One way to make it much more interesting is to treat them to an electric toothbrush with many different settings meaning they’ll be able to get a deeper clean than with a manual.

4.       Set a good example

By cleaning your teeth at the same time as your kids you’ll be able to set them a good example. Children love copying the grown-up things their parents do so make cleaning your teeth a key part of each day. Go through the whole routine with them explaining why we have to brush, floss and rinse with mouthwash for a healthy set of teeth and gums.

5.       Involve music

The recommended two minutes it takes to brush our teeth can feel like a lifetime for kids. One of the best ways to make time fly by is to play their favourite songs while they brush – if you’re feeling creative you could even introduce a dance too. By associating brushing teeth with their favourite songs, you’ll instantly make it a time of the day they look forward to, rather than something they’d rather skip.

Perseverance is key when it comes to getting your children in a routine that works. Once you’ve found out which tactics work best for your kids, stick to it to make sure they keep it up as they grow up.

By making brushing their teeth fun, you’ll soon have a lot less resistance coming your way when it comes to bedtime and they’ll have strong and healthy teeth which will set them in good stead for the rest of their life. 

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