5 tips to fit more in your freezer

Did you know a freezer can save you hundreds if not thousands a year? Even if you have a tiny freezer on top of your fridge, you can cram a lot in there and save yourself cash.

Your freezer is one of the big ways you can save money on your groceries. It allows you to buy in bulk, buy bargains and do big cook ups but what if you cant fit a stand alone freezer in your home or only have a small freezer? Or maybe the one that comes on top or bottom of the fridge? A smaller freezer just means you need to be a superb packer!

Most of these tips I started doing when we lived in a 1 bedroom apartment and had the worlds smallest fridge space in the kitchen When we looked at buying our fridge there were only 2 models on the market that would fit the space that were not considered mini or bar fridges and if the fridge was that small you can imagine how small that freezer on top was!

5 tips to fit more in your freezer!

Here’s how I managed to squeeze as much as possible into our tiny freezer and snag those bargains of food on sale or reduced to clear.

1.) Pack Flat
If you can squish it in a zip lock bag, squeeze out any extra air and lay it flat in your freezer you will fit so much more in. I freeze all my mince this way and it takes less time to defrost too. Meat, vegies, soup, baby food, any liquid or pre-made meals work this way.

2.) Remove the Box
If you buy things from the freezer section chances are it’s in a box then an oversized plastic bag. Take the item out of the box and just keep it in the bag or repack into a zip lock bag. The box takes up space food could be stored in.

3.) Downsize the Container
Buying the big tub of ice cream is saving money but once you start to eat through it the tub is dead space. Transfer the rest to a smaller container and use the lost space for other items you want. I downsize a couple of times for example when it is half gone and again when only a quarter is left. You can use any Tupperware container or keep an old smaller ice cream container.

4.) Know What’s in Your Freezer
How many times have you looked in the freezer to pull out a once forgotten item? Knowing what is in your freezer helps you not overstock one item or end up tossing it from freezer burn. You can buy the bulk chicken because you know you only have one breast left instead of coming home to discover you had 10 already. You can know what’s in there by keeping a list or doing a regular stocktake.

5.) Eat What’s in There
There is no point having things in there that you won’t eat or keeping food so long it’s no longer edible. Every couple of months we would have a ‘Freezer Night’ where everyone would pick something from the freezer for dinner, generally the leftover meals or last of the pies type thing. The kids love to pick what they can eat and it helps us make sure nothing is in there too long.

What tips would you add to the list for utilising freezer space?

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One thought on “5 tips to fit more in your freezer”

  1. Great list. I try to implement some of these whenever I go shopping. I would really like to do make-ahead meals in ziploc bags so dinner is easier to prepare, but it’s now just a matter of wanting to spend my Sundays doing it! It’s the laziest day of the week for me!
    Stopping by from the IBN page! Have a great week!
    Kate | TheOrganizedDream.com

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