5 Things Every Thrifty Household Should Have

The following is a guest post from Monisha Iswaran. We’d love to hear what things help you save money in your household.

Thrifty living doesn’t have to be simplistic, boring or have any negative connotations whatsoever. In fact, if you own the right equipment, DIY materials, or basically get the best deals – you can live a high class life at a low price. There are a few things you should own that will help you in your quest to be frugal and fancy all at the same time. It’s all in the planning – a few minutes now could save you a few hundred bucks later. So get to reading, and find out what your thrifty household is missing.

1) DIY Essentials: Screwdriver Set

What’s one surefire way to save money? Start getting hyped about do-it-yourself projects, instead of paying money to have simple things done for you. There are so many things that turn out pretty easy to make or fix, and cost hardly anything compared to having them bought or repaired in a shop. Examples include hanging a picture frame, assembling furniture or completing minor renovations around the house.

A screwdriver set is probably the first essential element of your basic toolbox, as you need it to do pretty much anything without the help of a handyman and his equipment. They can even be used for tasks as simple as opening a paint can or battery compartments. Basically, by having a set of different-sized screwdrivers, you’ll find you have the first ingredient necessary to start becoming your own bob the builder, and putting on your thinking cap when it comes to fixing things without hiring help.

2) Decorating Bits & Bobs

You’ll find as you get older, events start to add up. A 21st birthday this weekend, a wedding the next…. Baby showers, graduations, anniversaries and birthdays. Buying gifts for each and every person at their respective special occasions can most certainly begin to add up and create quite the dent in your bank account. But we can’t possibly leave our loved ones thinking we forgot them!

A simple solution: Start making homemade gifts. This may sound lame, but you’ll find that with a few ribbons, glitter, some pretty boxes and heartfelt cards, your gift can end up infinitely better than the potentially corny knick-knack you were considering picking up at the shops. Having decorating materials on hand never goes amiss, because whether it’s making a piece of art, or designing a handmade card (rather than spending a ridiculous amount on an impersonal one), you’ll be prepared!

3) A Good Selection Of Recipe Books

As yummy as eating out can be, going to a restaurant or ordering in can end up being extremely costly. So if you are hoping to save instead of spend, such occasions may be best saved up for a special treat, rather than a frequent occurrence. This is especially the case seeing as most delicacies can be made at home for a fraction of the price and with heaps more fun and potential for family bonding.

A good crop of recipe books will keep you baking, cooking, boiling and simmering away, trying out new things that are bound to lead to you spending less on feeding your family, and probably making the options healthier as well! A win-win situation. So break down that mental barrier – and know that you can very well be the next Jamie Oliver (at least in your own household)!

4) Good Quality Kids Products

This may not seem like an obvious one – but hear me out! This is particularly relevant for families that are planning to have a few kids, or have already had one and are expecting to have more.

If you spend on good quality materials, such as a comfortable nursing chair, or hardy changing table then you will only have to do so once. It’s better to have a high quality piece in this scenario, as it ensures both the safety of your baby and the possibility of reuse for future little ones.

Even if you yourself aren’t planning on a big family, the item can be passed on to cousins or other relatives, and the item can almost become a family rite of passage in a way. Investing in good quality baby equipment is definitely a plus, and if all else fails, you can probably get a good price for it if you need to sell, since there are new infants being born every single day. So spend money before your first kid comes, so that you hardly have to spend a cent during your next pregnancies, due to being already fully equipped.

5) Hand-Made Household Adornments

Every family household should feel personal and homey and what better way to do so than by its inhabitants playing a large role in creating the home decor. From the children’s artwork to homemade wreaths – there’s no shortage when it comes to how everyone can contribute! So get creative – it’s more fun this way anyway.

So from fix-ups to presents to paintings on the wall, there are so many substitutes that not only save money but also result in a more personal touch to many areas of your household, or lifestyle in general.

What items do you think are essential for a thrifty household? 

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