5 fun Easter activities

This week, The Thrifty Issue was featured on My Deal with a few other bloggers sharing some Easter fun. We suggested an Easter craft where you dye eggs, but here are some more ideas from us:

1.) Easter Egg Hunt
My kids love Easter Egg Hunts. You can search to see if your local area is having one, otherwise but a bag of Easter eggs and hide them in the backyard or go to a park with some other families and everyone can join in on the fun.

2.) Easter Baking
Are there traditional Easter foods you had growing up or would like to try from other cultures? The long weekend is a great time to do it and get the kids involved.

3.) Easter Movie
Sit down and watch an Easter movie like “Hop” as a family. Pop some popcorn and have fun watching a movie the kids will love together.

4.) Easter Bonnets
My kids love the Easter hat parades at school. There’s no reason you have to limit activities like that to school only. Use some card, glitter and craft supplies to make creative hats, bunny ears or anything else Easter themed.

5.) Make your own chocolates
Get some chocolate moulds (cheap from op shops), melt chocolate then add whatever you like such as nuts, sprinkles, rice bubbles or lollies to them.

What Easter fun will you be doing? 

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