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4 Personal Finance Tips That Can Make You Rich

4 Personal Finance Tips That Can Make You Rich

It’s easier to give personal finance advice rather than actually listen to it on a daily basis. Unless there’s follow-through over a longer period of time, these tips can’t change the way you think about spending.

If you’re used to spending more than you earn, or treating yourself to luxuries, you have to be prepared for periods of financial stress, because these spending habits will sooner or later ruin your financial stability, if you don’t do anything about it. Take a look at our 4 PIIC tips below and see if you can shift your mindset from spender to saver.


When you think about your future, or long-term goals, it’s important to see what your monthly living expenses are and if you are able to save 20% of your monthly earnings. This is a golden money-saving rule. The more you save, the richer you are. According to financial experts, 50/30/20 financial method is the best way to increase frugality.

Make money on the side, without leaving your full-time job, by saving it. Start with saving money to pay off your debt instead of living paycheck to paycheck. Be in control of your funds in order to find a steady stream of income with the skills you’ve acquired over the years.


Always stay informed about current prices, sales or discounts. This technique can save you time and money. Nowadays, almost all stores, utility companies or gas stations, have relevant, updated information on their websites.

For instance, if you are driving, Fuel Card Report website gives you the opportunity to check out different fuel cards and their perks. With the aid of Fuel Card Report, you can take a look at the numerous fuel card offerings without leaving your personal information on the website. Furthermore, get used to checking your credit card statement, read all the fine print and pay attention to any change to your interest rate you see.


Investing in your future means spending money to make profit. If you are unsure about what you should invest in, start reading about stock market or real estate market. Stick to things you’re good at (or want to become good at) and the things you’re knowledgeable about.

Avoid investing into business you can’t seem to understand and end up relying on the investment for fast side money. Don’t let other irrational behaviour or immediate success influence your decisions.

Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time to realize what industry you’re comfortable dealing with and don’t chase stocks at all costs.


When you need to make a big financial decision, the best advice is to get help. Even if this means spending more money on a lawyer or a financial consultant, it is definitely worth it. Before embarking on a “getting rich” journey, make sure you’re well informed about taxes, logistics and your obligations as a taxpayer.

However, in the end, apart from legal advice, it is your decision and every advice you receive is a lesson, not a rule you should follow. Make these decisions when you’re able to think clearly about the financial problems you could possibly be facing.

The basic rule is to spend less than you earn. However, there isn’t a magical formula or a recipe that will make you rich overnight. You can alleviate difficult situations and financial stress by making a plan that actually works for you and sticking to it. Consistency and conscious spending is the key to getting richer. What are your tricks for bringing home the bacon? Tell us all about your experience in the comment section below.

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Thursday 23rd of July 2020

That’s smart advice, I pretty much followed that plan and did indeed get to a level that seems rich to me. Which means having enough to be happy and never having to work for money again unless I just want to. As a long time marathoner, but a slow one, I agree that financial success is in no way a sprint. I could never have given such good advice at your age, that bodes very well for your future. Very solid and succinct post!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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