3D bug pictures – Kids craft

Last school holidays we did a lot of crafting and it was one of the most relaxing school breaks we have had. With the holidays just around the corner again I thought I’d share the most popular one we did and it was so simple! We made 3D bug pictures, it started out as just spiders and then BOOM all of a sudden there were bugs coming out everywhere.

3D Bug picture crafts #kidscraft #SchoolHolidays

What you need:
Textas or pencils

The kids started by making their “backdrop”. My son did a garden and my daughter did a cave. They just draw whatever they wanted on an A3 sheet of paper. Then we started making the bugs.

3D bug picture craft

For a spider we folded a thin strip of paper back and forward like a concertina. On the bottom flap we drew a spider and the whole way along we drew one big line for his web. Tape or glue the opposite end to the paper so he can jump out.

3D bug picture craft

For the caterpillar we folded 2 strips of paper over on each other, back and forth, until it was all used up. Then we just drew a little face on her.

3D bug picture craft

For a butterfly we folded a square of paper and drew half a butterfly shape then cut it out and decorated it.

We made flies with clear cellophane and black paper balls glues together, dragonflies with long strips and coloured cellophane wings, worms from paper or string, lady bugs from milk bottle lids. If the kids could think of it  then I let them make it. After they were all finished we took them outside to see how many of our bugs we could fin in our garden. You could do it the other way round and have the kids find bugs first and make them after to recreate your garden, park or camping site!

What bug would you make?

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