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3 of the Best Cash Back and Discount Apps/Sites for Aussies

3 of the Best Cash Back and Discount Apps/Sites for Aussies

How to Maximise the Discounts and Cash Back with These Apps and Sites!

Getting discounts and cash back on your purchases is a great way to save more money.

In this article, I’m sharing the ones I have used successfully for years plus tips to get higher cash back and other rewards.

At the end, I also cover some FAQ’s such as why would businesses offer these cash back options? Or the bigger discounts? Can you combine discounts and cash back etc? What about loyalty programs?

But first, here are my top cash back and discount apps and sites.

3 of the Best Cash Back and Discount Apps/Sites for Aussies

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links to products and services we use.

1. ShopBack

My favourite and most used cash back site is now ShopBack and you can get a $10 bonus here.

ShopBack is my favourite because it has upsized cash back on products and services I use more than the others.

Upsized cash back is where brands offer extra cash back for a limited time e.g. beauty brands that are normally 5% offer up to 25% at times.

There are also mini challenges which can get you bonus cash back usually $5 to $500!

How it works is you join Shopback for free here, download the app and be sure to add the extension to your chrome toolbar (they step you through how to do it).

Once you have it set up, you can choose to shop through the app, the website or shop as normal and a pop up will tell you when you can get cash back on any site you are on.

If you don’t use the app or website, make sure you activate the the button in the pop up so they can track your shopping and pay you your cash.

To get the $10 bonus, you need to spend over $20 on a confirmed purchase within 180 days.

Once it is all confirmed and approved, you’ll be able to cash it out to your bank account or you can use it for discounted gift cards.

3 of the Best Cash Back and Discount AppsSites for Aussies

Some Deals I Love From ShopBack

I’ve been with them for years and noticed there are a few deals that seem to be always available which combined with your $10 bonus could mean you get some luxuries for super cheap!

Cheap Movie Tickets

Event Cinemas sell tickets for $12.50 through the app and Hoyts sell them for $15.95 (at the time of writing).

Buy the tickets through the app and get discounted tickets, cash back plus if you buy 2 and it’s your first purchase after joining, you get the bonus $10 cash back too!


There are numerous alcohol shops listed you can get up to 35% cash back with, making it much cheaper than anywhere else.


Various travel sites including Flight Centre,, Agoda and travel insurance offer cash back through ShopBack which could make your next trip affordable.

Discounted Gift Cards

Get instant gift cards at a discount through ShopBack. Scroll through the selection, choose what you want and pay with your card or cash back money.

The gift cards will sit in your ShopBack wallet so you can use them any time.

3 of the Best Cash Back and Discount AppsSites for Aussies

2. Cash Rewards

My second favourite cash back option is Cash Rewards. It used to be my favourite but lately I have had higher offers from ShopBack, however, it is worth it to have both!

I aways check which one has the best cash back offer when shopping to ensure I get the highest cash back.

Cash Rewards works similar to ShopBack by joining free here you can get a $10 bonus with them as well.

You also need to make a purchase worth over $20 through one of the stores in the app, on the site or by activating the pop up when you’re on any website it says you can get cash back with.

Keep an eye out for upsized offers too because I have found that sometimes one of the apps will have it then the next week or so, another app will have a similar upsized offer.

Don’t ever feel like you will miss out if you don’t shop now.

Having used these apps and sites for years, I can tell you, the offers come again and again.

3 of the Best Cash Back and Discount AppsSites for Aussies

3. Honey

Offering cash back through points and discount codes, Honey is slightly different to the other two.

Honey is free to join still but doesn’t usually have the highest offers.

However, the pop up often comes up on sites no other cash back site has deals for and will scan for coupon codes and discounts.

So even if you cannot get cash back, you will possibly get a great discount.

If Honey can’t get you a discount or cash back, you still earn points which you can convert to gift cards.

The range of gift cards is limited with Honey and I have found it’s slower for me to accrue points but it’s still worth having.

Why Would Businesses Offer Cash Back or Discounts?

It’s a marketing strategy to get you to spend more and it works but if you are smart with it, you can save thousands every year.

The key is to buy what you need and know when to buy it instead of impulse buying whenever you get a notification.

Companies know that most people will impulse buy so by offering exclusive discounts and making you feel like you’ll miss out, you’re more likely to spend.

Keep track of what you actually need and stick to it so you don’t blow your budget.

Can You Combine Discount Offers and Cash Back?

You can only track cash back through one app at a time so only activate the one with the deal you want.

Cash back terms and conditions will be listed and often you can be logged into loyalty programs with whichever brand you are shopping with and sometimes get cash back on clearances or their sales so you can combine it that way.

If you have a discount code you can use or other special offer you might be able to use it with the cash back offer too, check the terms and conditions on the day.

You cannot combine cash back from ShopBack, Cash Rewards and Honey at the same time.

To learn more about combining discounts read this article.

3 of the Best Cash Back and Discount AppsSites for Aussies

How Do I Cash Out?

Each program has their own way of cashing out which they can step you through.

They all offer the option of gift cards from what I can see, ShopBack and Cash Rewards allow for physical cash back into your account as well.

Go to the redeem section of the app or website, if the money has cleared and isn’t pending plus is over $10, you will be able to cash out.

How Long Does it Take for Cash Back to be Processed

Some can be done instantly such as with gift cards, others take up to 90 days in my experience.

It depends on the store and their terms and conditions.

Be sure to check your history for all transactions as there have been a couple of times mine hasn’t be tracked properly.

They tracked that I activated the app but not that I finalised a sale so the cash back wasn’t processed.

Sending a quick enquiry about it with proof of purchase got it sorted quickly though.

How Do You Prevent Overspending?

When there are so many amazing offers around, it can be easy to fall into the trap of spending because you’re “saving”.

It’s only a saving if it was something you intended to buy anyway, not if it’s an impulse buy.

Watch the sales and upsized offers so you know when there is a good deal and remind yourself, all these deals will be repeated often.

Turn off notifications so you don’t know when sales are happening for various brands and only access the app or site when you are ready to make a purchase to help prevent temptation.

Read 10 tips to reduce spending and 5 tips to reduce temptation to help you.

Other Cash Back Options

There are a few other cash back options including Swagbucks which is also an online survey site.

Some of the others I have tested and don’t think they work well. Swagbucks can be good but seems to have lower offers and it’s all in Swagbucks that are points you convert to gift cards or cash with PayPal.

Only twice in the past 3 years have they had a better offer than ShopBack and Cash Rewards.

I still have it but don’t use it as much as the others. However, if you want to make money with online surveys, games, polls and similar, Swagbucks has a lot of options.

With online surveys though, I find Octopus Group is the highest paying and signing up to a few companies is the best way to get a few thousand a year from them. Find the best online survey sites for Aussies here.

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