21 Day Money Challenge

Would an extra $1,000 help you?

What about $10,000? What if I told you that with a few minutes a day and a few tasks in the next 21 days, you could potentially save yourself thousands and with a little more effort have even more money?

When is the last time you went over every area of your budget to make sure you are getting the best deals, all discounts that should be applied are, that you’re not being charged fees you shouldn’t be and that your money is working for you? Have you ever sat down and looked at all the ways you could make extra money then get started on some?

In 21 days, you will do just that!

Each day has a focus and tasks for you to do to make or save money. It’s up to you if you choose to focus on saving money, making money or both! Tips will be shared on the blog, as well as InstagramFacebook and in The Thrifty Issue Facebook Group.

Before you get started, set a goal for yourself. For example “In the next 21 days I will save $1,000” or “In the next 21 days I will find a new way to make $1,000 extra a month”. Set a goal you will be able to see and that will help you financially long term.

I’ll be doing it with you, so my goal is “I will have $5,000 extra in my savings at the end of this 21 days.”

Next, make sure you are signed up for the best Australian Cash Back sites so if you do any shopping online, you get money back.
Sign up to any relevant VIP and loyalty programs to save yourself more money.
Learn how to use coupons in Australia and where you can get them.


What’s covered in the 21 days?

Each day a new post will go up here on the blog along with posts across all social media. The days will cover ways to make and save money in the following:
1.) How to find free and bonus money
2.) Selling including decluttering as well as buying things to resell. (You can check out how I’ve made over $10,000 a month buying things to resell here.)
3.) Ways to make more money
4.) Banking
5.) Housing/accommodation
6.) Groceries
7.) Transport
8.) Insurance
9.) Dealing with debt
10.) Mobile phones and the internet
11.) How to track and increase your net worth
12.) Health and beauty
13.) Hobbies and entertainment
14.) Budgeting
15.) How to reduce all bills
16.) Retirement
17.) Knowledge is power
18.) Invest
19.) Create a community
20.) No Spend Challenge – Can a family live for free?
21.) Commit. Plan. Invest

This money challenge can be as extreme or laid back as you like. I’ll give you all the information, daily tips, inspiration, reader stories and examples, you choose what you implement in your own life.

To be part of it, make sure you follow and join in over on InstagramFacebook and in The Thrifty Issue Facebook Group. You can also sign up to email below for other updates.

Are you joining in? What is your goal?

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