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20 Ways to Make an Extra $1,000

20 Ways to Make an Extra $1,000

How to Make an Extra $1,000 or More. Do all 20 and Make an Extra $20,000!

What would you do with an extra $1,000? How about an extra $20,000? Here are some ways to make money on the side, how much you can make, and extra tips.

Ever since I was a kid, I have always looked for ways to make and save money. From babysitting and washing cars through to working as a dental assistant on my day off when I was doing my hairdressing apprenticeship. Some make more than others but many can be done at the same time as each other, increasing your earning potential.

The amounts below are based on what I have made from each one in a year or how long it takes to make $1,000.

Disclosure – this post may contain affiliate links for products or services I use.

1. Online Surveys – $6,500 in a year

In the last 12 months, I have made $6,500 with online surveys. Generally, I do them when waiting for something else eg the doctor or school pick up. Since I was pregnant last year and spent 2 weeks in quarantine when we repatriated, I had more time to do them.

All the best online survey sites are listed here.

2. Reselling – $10,000 in a month

I’ve actually made $10,000 in a month when I did it actively in Melbourne. I’ve just started back doing it and so far it is going well. We got a massive deal on some Lego, books and a few other items I have had great success with before.

How much you make will depend on what you resell, where you resell it, the market for those items etc. I had the most success with rockabilly clothing and travel/camping gear. Right now, I am selling clothes with good success again.

Check out my full eBook How to Make Over $10,000 a Month Buying Things to Resell. It includes everything from what to sell, where to sell it, how to photograph it, postage tips, where to get items and how to know what they are worth.

3. Bank Bonuses – $1,134 in a year

I made $1,134 with bank bonuses in the past year. This includes mainly signing up for new accounts and some friend referrals. I didn’t do it with credit cards but the bonuses with them if you are disciplined can be worth heaps.

4. Blogging – $1,000 minimum in a year

How much you can make with blogging varies a lot. It’s been a main income for me for years (six figures) but many others have not made anything. It does take a fair amount of work but once you are set up it is easier.

Plus as you grow, you can hire others to help. As an absolute base level, I do believe people can make at least $1,000 from their blogs.

When I purchased The Thrifty Issue back in 2014, I made back the purchase price in a week then another $1,000 soon after.

Since then, it has supported my kids and I through a lot. I’ve also bought and sold other sites. Usually buying them around $500 and reselling for $5,000 to $20,000.

To get started with blogging check out this post. Personally, it’s a full time income I make.

5. Cashback – $1,260 in a year

Last year, as we had to purchase a few items for the home and I did it on special days, we got $1,260 cash back! I use 3 sites and with them, I compare the cash back offer. By signing up to a few, I can find the best deal with the highest offer.

6. Freelance Writing – $1,000 per contract

The average contract of mine has been $1,000 in the past year (we usually offer from $200USD per article depending on what is required and most clients book more than 1 at a time). Freelance writing requires skill and some expertise but you can do a course and there are a lot of beginner options.

Read how to become a freelance writer for all my tips and sites to get paid work.

7. Virtual Assistant – $1,000 a week

Most virtual assistants I know make at least this a week, or more. Virtual assistants are in demand from business owners, bloggers and even people with busy lives are turning to having someone behind the scenes to do things for them.

\It can include anything from administration tasks such as email and booking appointments through to social media.

The services you offer will depend on your skills. Read about how to become a virtual assistant for more ideas.

8. Deliver Flyers – $1,000 a month

As a kid, I hate this. more recently, I was amazed to make over $1,000 in a month, walking around areas I like, delivering flyers. I found the gigs on Airtasker then after the first job, it was paid direct to my account, avoiding Airtasker fees.

I’d listen to podcasts, make notes of things I liked about different homes in our area and got exercise while getting paid.

The pay isn’t huge but getting paid to exercise while I was pregnant and limited worked well. Check out Airtasker or Google flyer delivery in your area to find gigs.

9. Airtasker – $1,000 a month

Last year I experimented with Airtasker and was pleasantly surprised. The fees are huge so I was careful about which gigs I selected. I have an article on how to make money with Airtasker which includes my experience and tips. A lot of what I did was simple such as marketing, flyer delivery, moving some plants etc. None of it took too long and I was specific about the minimum hourly rate I would accept.

10. Cleaning – $1,000 a week

While I haven’t done it consistently as a career, the area I live in has a huge demand for cleaners, especially Airbnb cleans for after guests. Since everything has reopened and there are stricter rules, cleaning takes longer so each job is worth more.

When I have done cleaning, I could easily make $1,000 within 2 days. My advice is to check the prices in your area, quote per job but be specific.

Cleaning ovens can be charged at a higher rate so check it thoroughly and quote accurately. You can find jobs on Airtasker, Gumtree or Facebook.

11. Babysitting – $1,000+ in 10 weeks

When I was a teen, I was lucky to make $20 or $50 when I babysat, sometimes for 6 or more hours! Now, it costs $25 to $35hr in most cities I’ve lived, with first aid and other qualifications. Most people don’t want a teenager looking after their kids so there are more opportunities for adults to babysit.

At $25hr, at 4 hours a week you will make an extra $1,000 in 10 weeks.

12. Rent Out A Room – $1,000 a month

Whenever I’ve had a border or rented out my place on Airbnb I have easily made $1,000 a month or more. I have a full guide on how to make money with Airbnb here and tips for renting a room to a border here.

13. Rent Out Your Garage – $2,000+ a year

This was one of my favourites because it was so easy. In Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, I rented out my garage for various reasons and made $200 a month each time.

I didn’t have to do anything as I didn’t use my garage anyway. Some people stored items, one mum ran a sewing business from it and another guy stored his spare car.

Spacer was my favourite way to do it because they handled the payments and there is a contract in place.

14. Gardening – $1,000+ in a week

$50hr was the average when we did it but if you have all the supplies and are a fast worker, you can quote per job and make a lot more. Doing this as a side gig for wealthy areas can work quite well. When I lived in Templestowe (Melbourne) and similar places, almost everyone paid someone to do their yards. So while you might not pay for it, it is definitely a service in demand.

15. Voiceover Work – $1,000 in a week

A few of my friends have done this over the years, many turning it into a full time job. We interviewed Brett here about his experience and some tips. While it’s not a conventional gig, it can work out quite well especially if you speak clearly.

There are also companies paying for people to speak certain sentences to use for AI research. How much you make will vary depending on how much work you take on and your rates.

16. Transcribing – $1,000 in 6 to 8 hours

Paying $2 to $3 per hour on average, if you are a fast and accurate typist, transcribing can work out well. Doctors, lawyers, podcasters and numerous other occupations require transcribing of their work. You can typically find work on Upwork, through Facebook groups or LinkedIn and other job sites.

17. Market Research – $1,000 in 10 hours

All the market research work I have done has paid $100hr with some going for 2 to 3 hours. This means, with 10 hours work, you’d have $1,000. Check out this article for more on market research.

In a nutshell, you are paid for your opinion on something. Sessions are recorded and feedback given to the company based on your responses.

19. Medical Trials – $4,050 for 1 trial

I made $4,050 when I did a medical trial. My experience and tips for how to get paid to do clinical trials can be found here. It is not something everyone can do and I would be cautious depending on what is being tested.

My group was testing a medication that was the same as something already out plus I had the condition they were testing for. Our group was also not one of the first so they knew the side effects fairly well. I would never do it as one of the first participants.

20. Teaching/Tutoring

There are so many platforms you can teach on now. If you want to do regular tutoring, you can through an agency or simply offer your services on Gumtree and similar. Alternatively, you can create a course on a platform such as Udemy or Coursera where you will get ongoing income from whatever course you create.

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Friday 6th of May 2022

Hi there, I really enjoyed the blog and it's given me a lot of great ideas to start thinking about. After recently buying a house and having a mortgage now to pay I'm looking for some extra cash to help out as much as possible. There are so many different little things to do to make the money and some require a lot more time, effort and work than others. I've found doing surveys a nice easy passive way to make some extra cash and they don't take too long to do either. Thank you. Chris

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